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Fantasy Premier League managers, are you ready to fortify your squad's defense? \ud83c\udff0<\/b><\/i>\u26bd\ufe0f<\/b><\/i> Look no further! We've got the ultimate goalkeeper picks for the upcoming season that are sure to bring those vital clean sheets and save you precious points! \ud83d\udeab<\/b><\/i>\ud83d\ude4c<\/b><\/i>\ud83d\udd35<\/b><\/i>\ud83d\udc9c<\/b><\/i> Aston Villa's Shot-Stopper: Emi Martinez \ud83d\udc9c<\/b><\/i>\ud83d\udd35<\/b><\/i> After an impressive opening weekend under Unai Emery's guidance, Aston Villa's Emi Martinez has already proven his worth! \ud83d\udcaa<\/b><\/i> With just three Premier League clubs conceding fewer goals, Martinez is ready to deliver top-notch performances at a budget-friendly price of \u00a35m! \ud83d\udcb0<\/b><\/i>\ud83d\ude0e<\/b><\/i>\ud83d\udc49<\/b><\/i> Join the Sbotop Fantasy Premier League league here: https:\/\/rebrand.ly\/SBOFPL<\/a>#FantasyPremierLeague<\/a> #FPL<\/a> #EmiMartinez<\/a> #Goalkeepers<\/a> #CleanSheets<\/a> #PenaltySaves<\/a> #FPLTips<\/a> #FootballManager<\/a> #SbotopFantasyPL<\/a><\/div>\n\n