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\ud83c\udff8<\/b><\/i> BWF President Poul-Erik Hoyer believes that the existing tournament calendar should not be reduced, but rather reorganized to prioritize competitions. He suggests creating a tiered tournament system to provide opportunities for both established and younger players to earn from the start. Hoyer responded to Datuk Lee Chong Wei's proposal and emphasized that they value input from experienced players. Exciting developments are underway in the world of badminton! \ud83c\udf1f<\/b><\/i>\ud83c\udfc6<\/b><\/i> Top Notch Entertainment With www.sbotop.la<\/a>#Sbotop<\/a> #ErikHoyer<\/a> #LeeChongWei<\/a> #ChongWei<\/a> #DatukLee<\/a> #BWFPresident<\/a> #TournamentPriorities<\/a> #BadmintonUpdates<\/a><\/div>\n\n