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01 June 2023

Pixie | Dinner | CH

21 June 2023

Braxston | ENG | Living Room | Top Notch | NO SUBS

21 June 2023

Olympus | Swimming Pool | CH | Top Notch | NO SUBS

21 June 2023

Olympus | Swimming Pool | ENG | Top Notch | NO SUBS

21 June 2023

Pixie | Makeup | CH | Game On | NO SUBS

21 June 2023

Braxston | ENG | Bathroom | Top Notch | NO SUBS

21 June 2023

Braxston | ENG | Bathroom | Game On | NO SUBS

20 June 2023

Braxston | ENG | Living Room | Top Notch

20 June 2023

Olympus | Swimming Pool | CH | Top Notch

20 June 2023

Olympus | Swimming Pool | ENG | Top Notch

21 June 2023

Pixie | Makeup | CH | Top Notch | NO SUBS

21 June 2023

Pixie | Makeup | ENG | Game On | NO SUBS

21 June 2023

Pixie | Makeup | ENG | Top Notch | NO SUBS

20 June 2023

Braxston | ENG | Bathroom | Game On

20 June 2023

Braxston | ENG | Bathroom | Top Notch

20 June 2023

Pixie | Makeup | CH | Game On

20 June 2023

Pixie | Makeup | CH | Top Notch

20 June 2023

Pixie | Makeup | ENG | Game On

20 June 2023

Pixie | Makeup | ENG | Top Notch

21 June 2023

Braxston | ENG | Bedroom | Top Notch | NO SUBS

21 June 2023

Olympus | Watching TV | CH | NO SUBS

21 June 2023

Olympus | Watching TV | ENG | NO SUBS

01 June 2023

Olympus | Watching TV | CH

01 June 2023

Olympus | Watching TV | ENG

01 June 2023

Braxston | ENG | Bedroom | Top Notch

21 June 2023

Braxston | ENG | Dinning Room | Game On | NO SUBS

21 June 2023

Braxston | ENG | Dinning Room | Top Notch | NO SUBS

01 June 2023

Braxston | ENG | Dinning Room | Game On

01 June 2023

Braxston | ENG | Dinning Room | Top Notch

21 June 2023

Pixie | Dinner | CH | NO SUBS

21 June 2023

Pixie | Dinner | ENG | Game On | NO SUBS

21 June 2023

Pixie | Dinner | ENG | Top Notch | NO SUBS

01 June 2023

Pixie | Dinner | ENG | Game On

01 June 2023

Pixie | Dinner | ENG | Top Notch

17 July 2023

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06 July 2023

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27 June 2023

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22 June 2023

Safe Sportsbook

15 June 2023

Facts about bad sportsbook

10 June 2023

Facts about Sbotop 1

02 June 2023

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Facts about Sbotop

25 November 2022

Stellar x Sbotop

23 November 2022

Jessica x Sbotop

21 November 2022

Pei Ween x Sbotop

19 October 2022

淑颖 x Sbotop

19 October 2022

Alsy | Sbotop

14 October 2022

Carmay Lee | Sbotop

19 September 2022

从这里开始 Sbotop X 2022 年世界杯

19 September 2022

观看所有 64 场比赛 Sbotop X 2022 年世界杯

26 August 2022

随时随地观看 2022 年世界杯 Sbotop X 2022 年世界杯

25 May 2022

Different Types Of Football Fans Featuring Kavin Jay

25 May 2022

The Aggressive Salesman Featuring Kavin Jay

02 May 2022

Watch Sports Live Streaming For Free Feat Kavin Jay

05 July 2021

Sbotop Sponsored Leeds United Ads In English

05 July 2021

Sbotop Sponsored Leeds United Ads In Chinese

21 June 2021

Sbotop 明智的选择

你能想象吗? 人们每天会做出超过三万五千次次的选择 选择坚持品质 选择挑战未知 选择人生不甘于只有一种玩法 在数以万计的抉择中 我只想忠于自我 每一秒 都创造经典 每一秒 都玩的尽兴 成功不是梦想 是我的选择 我知道 那怕再小的可能 都足以改变人生 这是我的选择 我选择值得信任的 Sbotop 你大显身手的舞台

14 June 2021

Sbotop Magazine - Voice Of The Industry

Sbotop Magazine features the most interesting, engaging and informative stories from the world of online gambling crafted solely for your enjoyment and benefit. Our blog stories can cover anything related to gambling, past and present, and we bet you’ll be surprised at some of the topics we’ve covered.

16 June 2021

Sbotop 2020年欧洲杯提示、策略、结果和关键点

有史以来,视频助理裁判(VAR)将会运用于UEFA欧洲冠军赛内。“十一” 将会是今年欧锦赛的主要数字。十一个城市,十一个国家将会同一时间从6月11号至7月11号举办这场欧锦赛。伦敦的温布利球场将会是举办2020年欧洲杯半决赛和决赛的地点。觉得这些事实很有趣?连同我 Joey Sih 一起在SBOTOP杂志上关注我的提示,策略,结果和要点。我会在那里等你哦!

14 June 2021

谁将成为2020 年欧洲杯赢家?

1960 - 前苏联 1964 - 西班牙 1968 - 意大利 1972 - 联邦德国 1976 - 捷克斯洛伐克 1980 - 德国 1984 - 法国 1988 - 荷兰 1992 - 丹麦 1996 - 德国 2000 - 法国 2004 - 希腊 2008 - 西班牙 2012 - 西班牙 2016 - 葡萄牙 你觉得谁会是EURO2020 的赢家呢?跟我 Joey Sih 和SBOTOP - 自2004年马来西亚领先的体育博彩一起关注这51场赛事吧。

10 June 2021

UEFA Euro2020 Highlights & Updates With Sbotop

For the first time in history, Video Assistant Referee (VAR) will be used in the UEFA European championship. London’s Wembley stadium to host both semi-finals and final of Euro 2020! Fascinating facts? Follow my tips, strategies, results and highlights in SBOTOP Magazine together with Joey Parisz. We will be waiting for you at

10 June 2021


24个国家,6个小组,合成51场比赛,分别在欧洲的11个城市举行。你准备好迎接UEFA EURO 2020吗?第一场会在2021年6月11日举办,这将会是土耳其对垒意大利。最新的新闻、动静和成绩的只会在SBOTOP!我们会在SBOTOP Joey Sih 等你哦!

04 June 2021

UEFA Euro2020 With Sbotop DJ Pariszzz

Total 51 matches by 24 countries in 6 groups hosted in 11 cities around Europe. Are you ready for the UEFA EURO 2020? The first match is Turkey versus Italy on 11 June 2021! Follow all the latest news, updates and results in SBOTOP! Joey Parisz will be waiting at for you now.

Betting Tips Video Series By Sbotop
09 July 2023

34 - Spread Betting Tips

06 July 2023

Advanced Football Betting Tips | In-Play Football Betting Tips

22 June 2023

32- Advanced Football Betting Tips – Over 2.5

26 April 2023

Advanced Football Betting Tips | Betting on Half Time/Full-Time Result

05 May 2023

Advanced Football Betting Tips | Under 2.5 Football Betting Tips

22 June 2023

31- Both Teams to Score Betting Market

18 April 2023

Advanced Football Betting Tips | Outright Betting in Football Explained

03 April 2023

Advanced Betting Tips | Betting Value in Accumulator Bets

10 March 2023

Advanced Football Betting Tips | Matched Betting Tips

28 February 2023

Advanced Football Betting Tips | Each Way Betting Tips

09 January 2023

Advanced Betting Tips | Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

28 December 2022

Advanced Football Betting Tips | 3 Way Moneyline Betting Tips

15 December 2022

Advanced Football Betting Tips | Double Chance Betting Tips

05 August 2022

Advanced Football Betting Tips | Draw No Bet Accumulator

02 August 2022

Advanced Football Betting Tips | Alternative Goal Line Football Bets

02 August 2022

Advanced Football Betting Tips | Combination Mix Parlay Bets in Football Explained

02 August 2022

Advanced Football Betting Tips | Goalscorer Football Betting Market

30 June 2022

Advanced Football Betting Tips | Half Time Result Football Bets Explained

01 June 2022

Sports Betting Tips For Beginners | Different Types of Bets Explained

24 March 2022

Sports Betting Tips For Beginners | Basic Probability and the Concept of Value

25 February 2022

Sports Betting Tips For Beginners | Some Common Sports Betting Mistakes to Avoid

10 February 2022

Sports Betting Tips For Beginners | Mechanics of Sports Betting

03 February 2022

Sports Betting Tips For Beginners | Understanding Sports Betting Odds

17 December 2021

Sports Betting Tips For Beginners | Learn How Bookmakers Make Money

07 December 2021

Sports Betting Tips For Beginners | Essentials Of Sports Betting

23 November 2021

Sports Betting Tips For Beginners | Dutching Strategies Betting Tips

23 November 2021

Sports Betting Tips For Beginners | Each Way Arbing Betting Tips

10 October 2021

Sports Betting Tips For Beginners | Tips to Make Money Gambling Online

17 June 2021

Sports Betting Tips For Beginners | How to Get Edge in Betting

Sports betting is an exciting niche because it helps sports bettors savor the games they love while making a profit at the same time! However, winning in sports betting isn’t always so easy. How do you increase your chances of winning? What are the best tips and hints you can follow to get the best value for your bets, especially if you’re just starting as a sports bettor? Because sports games are influenced to varying degrees by several elements, knowing what these factors are and how they interact with each game you bet on can help boost your chances of winning. When you want to get an edge in sports betting, the most important things you need to pay attention to include..

21 June 2021

Sports Betting Tips For Beginners | Bookmakers VIP Schemes

Typically, when most punters start sports betting, one of the many things that they tend to have their eyes on is the VIP status that they’ve likely heard that many bookmakers offer. Just the sound of the term alone indicates class and exclusivity.

  • But is that all there is to it?
  • How does a bettor even become VIP?
  • When you finally achieve this aim, is it really worth it?
  • Are there downsides to being a VIP bettor?

Finding the right answers to these questions helps you properly identify if VIP status with your bookmaker is something you should chase or if you’re better off than you are. Bookmakers VIP schemes are becoming an increasingly common concept for online sports betting platforms today. Essentially, a VIP scheme is a perk reserved for the high spenders on any betting platform. Because these people are spending so much, the bookmaker wants to show them that they value their patronage and encourage them to spend more.

24 June 2021

Sports Betting Tips For Beginners | The Importance of Bankroll Management

Your bankroll is the most important asset you have in sports betting, as such, you have to do what you can to ensure that you sustain it and prevent avoidable losses. Learn all you need to know to become a better sports bettor from SBOtop’s Betting Tips Video Series. Forever dedicated to ensuring that you make a smooth and seamless transition into sports betting, each episode will show you the ropes and help you learn all you need to know to start winning big! You don’t want to miss a single episode, so don’t forget to Subscribe to this channel and turn on your notification settings right away. That way, you get an alert the moment our next video goes live! If you’ve done that and Liked this video already, then keep watching!

29 June 2021

Sports Betting Tips For Beginners | Losing Streaks? Learn What To Do With These Betting Tips

When it all comes down to it, betting in whatever form is ultimately a game of chance. This is why sometimes, you can do everything right, from covering your basics to doing extensive research into the performance stats of each team and player, and in the end, you still come up with nothing. It can be extremely frustrating for anyone, be it a professional or fresh punter.

  • But how do you manage these types of situations?
  • Are there strategies you can adopt to prevent these types of events from occurring?
  • How do you make the most of such occurrences?

Even though it can be tough to admit, the truth remains that encountering a recurring streak of losses is bound to happen to a sports bettor at one point in time or the other. Now, while you can’t completely prevent that from happening, you can do the next best thing; reduce the level of damage this does to your bankroll and confidence, both short-term and long-term. And today, I’ll be showing you just how to go about achieving this feat! No one knows it all in sports betting, even professional bettors. This is why constantly looking for knowledge to improve your betting skills is so important.

01 July 2021

Sports Betting Tips For Beginners | How to Become a Professional Bettor

Becoming a professional sports bettor isn’t something that can happen in a day, and even though it’s very lucrative, even the most experienced professionals don’t record winning up to 75% of the time! To increase your chances of starting out well, some important things you can do include:

Keep A Close Eye On Your Bankroll In sports betting, whether, at the professional or beginner level, it all starts and ends with your bankroll. Even the best and most accurate betting strategy doesn’t add up to anything if you don’t have the money to bankroll that wager. So, ensure that you have the safety and longevity of your bankroll in mind at all times. Don’t bet casually without evaluating the odds and establishing they are in your favor.

Use The Right Sportsbook When you have the safety and sustainability of your bankroll well in hand, the next thing becomes ensuring that you get the most value for every single wager you place. The best way you can do this is to work with sports betting platforms that offer you the best odds for each game. A sportsbook like SBOtop offers you profitable odds, effective customer support, and the best banking services. You can find a link to the platform below this video.

Choose Your Sport Just the same way a Blackjack punter will struggle with Poker is the same way Soccer sports bettors will likely encounter difficulty betting on a Rugby game, even though they essentially involve balls. The point is to choose a sports game with rules and protocols you can easily grasp and work with. For this, it is always advisable you start with your favorite sport as that already has your interest. Once you’re well-grounded here, you can then consider branching out.

Always Do Your Research Only casual bettors wager without critically analyzing the facts and stats of each game. Just because you want a team to win doesn’t mean that they will. Take your time to go over as much data as you can acquire about each team, from the current form of each team to the recorded outcomes of their previous meetings. Use everything at your disposal to make the most informed decisions before betting.

Consider The Right Betting Market A professional bettor will need to bet on more than just the conventional Win/Loss/Draw outcomes if they want to see substantially more profit from each wager they place. Start by working with betting markets that have the least complexity before slowly working your way up to the more complicated and rewarding ones.

Keep Track Of Your Success And Failures The only way to truly establish whether you’re making progress or declining is by weighing your wins against your losses. You can’t do that if you don’t keep track of your bets and their outcomes. Besides helping you evaluate yourself, by keeping a record of the strategies and results you get, you can better determine what betting systems to build on and which to discard. Becoming a pro isn’t easy, but if you put in the work, the results are always worth it.

06 July 2021

Sports Betting Tips For Beginners | How to Gain Advantage in Gambling

19 July 2021

Betting Tips Video Series

The Betting Tips Video Series gathers the extensive experience and knowledge of several professional bettors and compiles it into an easy format for people just starting sports betting to understand. Giving you all a thorough walkthrough on the best practices you can follow to get an edge in any sports betting game you play! You don’t have to rely on the harsh lessons of experience now!

赌场策略网络系列 By Sbotop
16 August 2023

线上二十一点投注系统: 马丁格尔系统

15 August 2023

线上二十一点投注系统: 奥斯卡研磨系统

27 June 2023

线上二十一点高级指南: 二十一点的特殊变种策略

27 June 2023

线上二十一点高级指南: 线上二十一点的资金管理

10 April 2023


10 April 2023


05 April 2023


23 March 2023


21 December 2022


16 December 2022

线上赌场游戏初学者指南:21点|单层(House Edge从1.5% 起)

28 October 2022

线上赌场游戏初学者指南:掷双骰子游戏(House Edge从5% 到1.4%)

14 September 2022

线上赌场游戏初学者指南:百家乐(House Edge从1.5%起)

13 September 2022

线上赌场游戏初学者指南:三张牌扑克(House Edge从1.5%起)

02 September 2022

线上赌场游戏初学者指南:视频扑克(House Edge从5%到0.5%)

02 September 2022

线上赌场游戏初学者指南:老虎机(House Edge从2%到10%)

24 June 2022

线上赌场游戏初学者指南:轮盘赌| 单零(房屋边缘2.5%起)

22 June 2022

线上赌场游戏初学者指南:牌九扑克(House Edge从2.5%起)

17 June 2022

线上赌场游戏初学者指南:加勒比海梭哈扑克(House Edge最低5%)

10 February 2022

线上赌场游戏初学者指南:西洋双陆棋(House Edge从6.39%到4.82%)

10 February 2022

赌场策略网络系列 | 十个具有最低屋边缘的线上赌场游戏

10 February 2022

赌场策略网络系列 | 当你获胜时就退出

10 February 2022

赌场策略网络系列 | 寻找具有最佳提款支付方式的线上赌场

26 January 2022

赌场策略网络系列 | 始终在你的限制范围内玩线上赌场游戏

24 January 2022

赌场策略网络系列 | 通过免费的在线赌场游戏磨练您的技能

24 December 2021

赌场策略网络系列 | 了解有效的线上赌场游戏策略

29 July 2021

赌场策略网络系列 | 细读线上赌场奖金的条款和条件

26 July 2021

赌场策略网络系列 | 充分利用最佳的在线赌场奖金


第一、存款奖金 Deposit Bonuses 这是赌场最常见的一种奖金。就和他名字一样啦。这个奖金只会在你赌场存款后才给你的奖金。大部分的Deposit Bonuses 只会给新玩家,它也算是welcome bonus 的一种。最常看到的welcome bonus 是线上赌场给你100% bonus of 你的存款。也就是说,如果你的deposit 是RM100,100%存款奖金就是额外RM100。那么你现在就有RM200的资金来投注。

第二、免费老虎机游戏 Free Spin Bonuses 这是赌场最受欢迎的一种优惠和奖品。听到免费,大家一定要的啦,因为不用自己给钱就能够玩到老虎机wor,谁不要哦,不要的人真的bodoh啦。要注意,这一类型的优惠和奖品都附带条件。比如说,玩家需要 达到特定投注要求才能够cashout。 当然,每一间的线上赌场要求都不一样。

第三、无存款奖金和免费游戏 No Deposit Bonuses & Free Games 想要试试手气的或是想要尝试新的线上赌场的话,无存款奖金可能是最好的方法哦。一般上,这种将奖金只会在玩家sign up的时候给的。通常leh,赌场都会给你一些free spin 或者是赌场筹码,酱紫玩家就可以用这个奖金来投注在不同的游戏。要特别注意,这种无存款奖金都需要非常高的投注要求才能够cashout的,或是cashout的钱非常有限。 总之leh,先看清楚terms & conditions, 不要chin chin cai cai的就accept人家的offers。所以下集影片就会和大家讲一下这些terms and condition la。所以千万别错过啦!

19 July 2021

赌场策略网络系列 | 千万不要追逐损失

玩家都应该知道每一场投注里,有赢就有输。你当然希望自己每一场都赢。这个当然每个人都想la。但是有时候leh,你的luck就是不在你这边,搞到你场场都输钱,怎么办?继续赌?还是stop leh?通常这个时候,大家都会跟你讲不要chase lose,意思就是不要追逐损失,是时候停下来。你会想为什么有时候人会一直chase lose,其实这其中原理非常容易理解。这是因为玩家都会坚信自己在下一轮一定会赢,然后减少损失。比如说,玩家投注在Roulette (轮盘),在前5次轮盘中都是红色。然后在第六次,玩家投注在黑色,因为按照概率来讲,六次都在红色的机率非常小。但是你要知道,即便机率非常小,也是很有可能依然是红色。这是因为每一轮的轮盘都是独立性,上一轮并不会影响下一轮的轮盘,而轮盘上的球掉入红色或黑色的是50:50的机率。如果,玩家这么好彩,在第六次的轮盘赢了投注,这只会加深玩家对下一轮一定会赢的想法。除此之外,会选择一直chase loss的玩家一般上在情绪上已经都不太稳定。因为输了太多,他们都想要把钱赢回来。这不难理解,是我也会一样。但是这种时候,因为情绪不稳定,非常暴躁或是焦虑、不经思考就冲动投注,这样就会导致损失越来越大。这种时候,玩家更不应该chase loss, 因为玩家很有可能因为chase loss而导致自己的资金全部输光光。所以懂得及时止损是非常重要。作为一个专业的玩家,就应该知道,没有一场投注一定稳赢。投注除了考技巧,更需要靠一点点运气。假设你投注某种熟悉的游戏中,一直输钱。不要急着chase loss。你可以考虑换新的投注策略或游戏、重新管理和划分你的投注资金。这样你才能把自己的损失减到最小。除了要懂得及时止损,玩家也可以考虑充分利用线上赌场奖金。

19 July 2021

赌场策略网络系列 | 了解哪些具有低屋边缘优势的线上赌场游戏

有没有听过house edge? 你会问什么来的哦?House Edge 就是玩家所讲赌场优势,这也为什么赌场能够常胜。赌场优势就是赌场在玩家中所占的优势。作为要变成很pro的玩家,你一定要了解什么是 house edge。因为这是决定你可不可以赢得更丰厚的收益。赌场里的任何游戏,都有 House Edge,分别在于高或低。所以,除了选哪一家线上赌场外,选择游戏也是非常重要的。你要选的是赌场优势小的游戏,尽量避免赌场优势很高的游戏。话不多说,现在就为你介绍 Top 3 赌场优势比较小的赌场游戏。

17 July 2021

赌场策略网络系列 | 如何选择最佳的线上赌场投资提示

怎么知道你所选的线上赌场是最好的?其实,这个问题确实有点难回答你。因为到现在为止,我们都还没找到最完美的线上赌场。你是不是在想,“cheh…酱你到底要讲什么哦!” 先不要生气啦!先听我讲完,okay?其实最好的赌场呢,在于你想要的是什么?比如说啊。你比较喜欢玩赌桌游还是老虎机游戏,不同的线上赌场所擅长的游戏都不同。又或者是,一些线上赌场会有一些特别奖金和优惠给你,然后又有一些线上赌场的规则不太多等等。所以,最好的线上赌场是你认为最能符合你条件的赌场。但是作为新手的你,我们当然会给你一些tips,通过这些tips,可以帮助你找到你心目中完美的线上赌场。

05 July 2021

赌场策略网络系列 | 如何在线上赌场上赢得像个专业的十步必胜决策

你有没有想过要成专业的投注者?一定有想过啦!试想想,只要你是Professional的,就是很厉害在线上赌场赌钱,那你就一定会赢钱嘛。只要赌钱,你就一定希望自己赢钱,对不对leh?所以在这里,我们就要为大家介绍全新的赌场策略网络系列!在这个全新的赌场策略网络系列里, 我们将会和大家讲各种能够让你变成很pro的赌徒的方法。比如我们会跟你讲怎样选最好的线上赌场、投注系统的方法、各种线上赌场游戏介绍等等。总之leh,就是有很多关于线上赌场的影片啦!只要你时刻留守我们的channel, 把我们这个series的影片都看完,距离你要成为很 pro的赌徒就不远了!这次的series里面,我们会跟你讲10个必胜诀窍,这些诀窍都是属于新手玩家们一定要知道但是又没有人跟你讲的啦。比如你知道怎样选线上赌场吗?什么赌场游戏最容易赢的吗?有什么special的方法可以train你的投注skills,还不止这些啦!总共10个steps 啦!想要成为 pro的赌徒,就不要错过接下来的10个影片!我们将会非常详细和大家讲解这10个steps!听起来是不是很激动leh?

21 July 2021



美女8足球 World Cup Edition
05 December 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP40 - 塞尔维亚队(Serbia)

02 December 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP39 - 加纳(Ghana)

02 December 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP38 - 巴西 (Brazil)

02 December 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP37 - 葡萄牙 (Portugal)

02 December 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP36 - 韩国 (South Korea)

02 December 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP34 - 喀麦隆 (Cameroon)

02 December 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP35 - 乌拉圭 (Uruguay)

01 December 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP33 - 加拿大 (Canada)

01 December 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP32 - 瑞士 (Switzerland)

30 November 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP31 - 哥斯达黎加队 (Costa Rica)

30 November 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP30 - 比利时 (Belgium)

29 November 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP29 - 西班牙 (Spain)

29 November 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP28 - 日本 (Japan)

27 November 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP27 - 克罗地亚 (Croatia)

27 November 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP26 - 德国 (Germany)

26 November 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP24 - 摩洛哥 (Morocco)

26 November 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP24 - 澳大利亚 (Australia)

25 November 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP23 - 波兰 (Poland)

25 November 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP22 - 法国 (France)

25 November 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP21 - 突尼斯 (Tunisia)

25 November 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP20 - 墨西哥 (Mexico)

24 November 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP18 - 沙特阿拉伯 (Saudi Arabia)

24 November 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP19 - 丹麦 (Denmark)

23 November 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP17 - 威尔士队 (Wales)

22 November 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP16 - 阿根廷队 (Argentina)

22 November 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP15 - 美国队 (USA)

22 November 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP14 - 荷兰队 (Netherlands)

18 November 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP12 - 塞内加尔队 (Senegal)

18 November 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP13 - 伊朗队 (Iran)

17 November 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP09 - 卡塔尔队 (Qatar)

17 November 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP10 - 厄瓜多尔 (Ecuador)

17 November 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP11 - 英格兰队 (England)

17 November 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP08

17 November 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP07

15 November 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP06

11 November 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP05

09 November 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP04

07 November 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP03

03 November 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP02

27 October 2022

美女8足球2022世界杯版 EP01

25 October 2022

美女8足球 World Cup Edition Episode 003

20 September 2022

美女8足球 World Cup Edition Episode 002

13 September 2022

美女8足球 World Cup Edition Episode 001

13 September 2022

美女8足球 x Sbotop x World Cup 2022

02 September 2022

猜猜并赢取高达 5,000,000 个奖品

02 September 2022

期待已久的 2022 年国际足联世界杯来了

02 September 2022

Sbotop To Broadcast All 64 Matches

05 October 2022

美女8足球- 英超联赛2022/23短系列赛 EP05

03 October 2022

美女8足球- 英超联赛2022/23短系列赛 EP04

30 September 2022

美女8足球- 英超联赛2022/23短系列赛 EP03

28 September 2022

美女8足球- 英超联赛2022/23短系列赛 EP02

29 September 2022

美女8足球- 英超联赛2022/23短系列赛 EP01

13 October 2022

美女8足球 - 英超联赛 2022-23 预览 EP00

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