Different Types Of Sports Betting Markets
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Types Of Sports Betting Markets

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One of the first things new bettors have to sort out when they start wagering is choosing which betting market to play in. Interestingly, more than a few pro punters encounter the same problem as well. Sports betting is of various facets. If you want to make the most and ensure that your bankroll continues to increase, one thing you have to attend to carefully is the betting market you choose on where to place your stakes. There are different types of sports betting markets that you can explore. No one assures you of a win every time because each comes with its unique pros and cons. As a result, you need to carefully weigh your averseness or inclination to take risks before choosing a market. How comfortable you are taking risks can be a strong determinant for picking the right sports betting market for you. Here is the list of the most common betting markets and what each has in store for you. After going through this extensively, you will choose which call resonates with you the strongest.

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The Moneyline Sports Betting Market

As the most popular sports betting market, money line betting isn’t complicated to grasp. All you have to do here is to wager on a team to win at the exact odds set by your bookmaker that they will do so. Here, you’re focused on the direct outcome of the event. Now, the number of options you have depends on the exact sport you’re betting on. For example, you can’t bet on a tie in NFL games. Yet, this is an option in any soccer event. Moneyline odds are present on any platform. You should note that the odds in this betting market come in an American format.

The Point Spread Betting Market

With this betting market, you bet on a point spread provided by your bookie according to the team favored to win. It means that the direct outcome of a sports event isn’t as relevant here. In many ways, this allows you a greater level of flexibility as you can still win, provided the side you bet on covers the spread. This type of betting is more common in certain sports than it is in others.

The Points Total Over/Under Betting Market

It is yet another betting market that affords you the luxury of betting on just one event rather than the overall outcome. It does this in a rather exciting way. Rather than making you choose which team will win, lose or cover the spread, you wager on the total points of the game exceeding or not reaching a pre-established benchmark. Depending on the exact type of Over or Under betting niche you go for, it mightn’t even matter which team scores what. Provided you fall within the predicted parameters, you win and walk away with your money.

Some other sports betting markets worth exploring include team props bets and futures betting. For more details and different needs, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter!

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