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Keno Online Casino Game

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As far as lottery games go, Keno is perhaps one of the oldest, with its roots traced as far back as 3000BC! However, considering how old the game is, casino Keno doesn’t see as much action as many other lottery games. There are majorly two reasons for this:

  1. Most punters don’t know how online Keno games work and therefore largely assume that it’s very complicated, and…
  2. Many punters who are aware of the game simply think that it’s just another type of Bingo.

Online Keno Vs. Bingo – Similarities And Differences

By their very nature, all lottery-based games share a lot of traits, and casino Keno and Bingo are no exceptions. They both require the use of rather specific numbers before you can hit the big payout, and they both have the potential to give players stupendous amounts of money. However, that is where the similarities end. When playing Bingo, the numbers are already chosen for you. You just pay the cards they’re inscribed on. For instance, in online Keno games, you’re in charge of picking the numbers you want to play from 1 – 80. Also, unlike Bingo, where all cards go for a fixed amount of money, you can vary your bet value with online Keno games according to what you can afford.

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Can You Trust Online Casino Keno Games?

Yes, you can! In terms of generating the lucky numbers to win a payout, the online casinos themselves have nothing to do with the process. It’s all in the hands of highly sophisticated number generators that deal out the winning figures uninfluenced.

How To Play Casino Keno

When playing Keno in an online casino, you have just one task; to predict and choose the set of numbers you think will win. Remember, your choices are limited to numbers 1 through 80. The more numbers you pick, the higher the odds rise and the more you stand to win if they all come through.

Features Of Online Keno Games To Remember

The Quick Pick Function

Understandably, you’ll likely get tired of picking the winning numbers manually at a point. Any online platform you play casino Keno with will have the Quick Pick feature. By clicking this button, you can allow the computer program to pick any set of random numbers for you immediately, saving you time and stress.

The Paytable Information

This is an important asset as it provides you with all the information you need to figure out how much you stand to win from each pick in online Keno.

Your Online Keno Games Card

This is the number layout of the Keno table on your screen. Typically, 10 numbers are spread over 8 rows on your computer or mobile device screen, summing up to a total of 80 numbers in all. You can pick as many as 15 numbers, keeping in mind that the more numbers you pick, the larger the table gets. Your table consists of the Hits Column and the Payout Column. In an instance where your table reads 10/700, you know that if you guess 10 numbers right, you’ll win 700 times your original bet!

The Microsoft Excel Myth

Some punters believe that some numbers statistically occur more often than others and that by finding these numbers and using Excel, a formula can be devised to accurately predict winning numbers. The efficacy of this technique is dubious, at best. By and large, playing online Keno games can be a very rewarding and relaxing exercise. Unlike playing at a land-based casino, you don’t have to wait while anyone goes through the motions. You can play at your pace and leisure, so far, you properly understand the rules. You can try out your newfound casino Keno knowledge here!

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