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Roulette Online Casino Games

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Roulette is a French word that roughly translates to mean “Little wheel.” In many ways, that effectively sums up how casino roulette traditionally operates. Put simply, there’s a small ball and a wheel that’s marked with small tracks with different attributes like red colors, black colors, and numbers, even and odd. The numbers run from 1 – 35 or 38, as the case may be. You bet on just where the little ball will land when the wheel is spun in casino roulette. In essence, you bet on whether the ball will fall in a red or black track, on an odd or even number, and so on.


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Types Of Online Roulette Games

Before moving any further, it is essential to mention that there are essentially two types of online roulette games that punters can enjoy.
There’s the,

  • American Casino Roulette, and the
  • European Casino Roulette

These two types of roulette are essentially the same for all purposes and intents, except for the fact that American Roulette has a total of 35 numbers on its wheel while the European Roulette has 38 in all. Because it directly affects the total odds of the game, and by extension, your potential wins. You see, when you predict right and the ball lands where you called in American Roulette, you are given 35 times your initial bet. However, when the same event occurs in European Roulette, you’re given 38 times what you bet! The higher odds in European Online Roulette mean that you get more value for your bets, and as such, it is significantly more favored by punters everywhere. When playing roulette in an online casino, where the ball falls, metaphorically speaking, it isn’t controlled by the croupier. Rather, that is at the hands of complex algorithms to ensure that every spin of the wheel is fair and free of bias.

How To Play And Win Online Roulette Easily

This takes a considerable amount of practice, but the fantastic rewards that it offers make it more than worth it. By following this guide, you’ll be able to get a better handle on how to play and win online roulette games, even if you’re just starting! Ultimately, you need to focus on three things in casino roulette:

  • Prior Research,
  • The Roulette Gameplay, and
  • Betting Rules for the Table

Prior Research

One aspect that many newbies overlook that eventually costs them greatly is research. Never just plunge into any online casino roulette platform and start betting real money right away! Take your time to do research. In this case, that means studying the particular casino roulette platform you’re on to see how the wheel works first, as well as checking out other aspects of the setup.

Your Gameplay

Your gameplay is where an intimate understanding of American Roulette and European Roulette comes into play. You have to weigh the pros and cons of each one before opting to sit at the table and bet real money, as all online casinos offer both varieties. On the one hand, American Roulette has fewer numbers, and consequently, lesser odds which means that on the whole, your chances of winning here are slightly higher. On the other hand, European Roulette, with its larger numbers, offers you considerably more for your stake. If you’re looking for a better payout, this is the table you want to be on!

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Betting Rules For The Roulette Table

As a punter, you need to take anything that affects your bankroll very seriously. There will always be a limit to the minimum and maximum bet you can place at any casino roulette wheel. You need to consider this critically and then make your decision based on the capacity of your bankroll. For beginners, the smaller the minimum bet, the better!