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1×2 Betting Strategies

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The 1×2 sports betting market is one of the oldest and most popular betting markets among punters. Most sportsbooks list odds in terms of 1×2 betting markets on their platforms (websites or applications). The 1×2 market enables a punter to understand the odds, probability, and payout for a wager on the home team to win, a draw result, or the away team to win.

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What Is 1×2 betting?

The 1×2 sports betting market is betting on three possible outcomes, i.e., 1, x, or 2. The number 1 stands for the home team, two brackets for the away team, and x stands for a draw result. A punter must predict the accurate development before the end of the game for the wager to payout. Because a punter is making a wager on one out of multiple outcomes, the 1×2 sports betting strategy is only applicable on sporting events with more than two and less than four outcomes. For example, a 1×2 game for Manchester United versus Barcelona in the Champions League could be 3.5 for Manchester United, 1.2 for Barcelona, and 2.0 for a draw. The combination of odds is listed as 3.5 – 2.0 – 1.2.

Features Of 1×2 Betting Market

The features of the 1×2 betting market include:

  • Betting on a single outcome.
  • Betting on two out of three products.
  • The validity of 1×2 betting markets.
  • The probabilities of the 1×2 betting markets.

1. Betting On One Outcome

The regular 1×2 betting market involves making a wager on one out of three outcomes. A punter can bet on a team to win, a group to lose, or both teams to draw. Essentially, a 1×2 betting market can be more brutal to win than other sports with only two outcomes. For example, a T20 or one-day cricket game rarely ends in a draw, and punters can’t make wagers on 1×2 betting markets for such sports. A punter can only make a wager on one outcome for a 1×2 stake. Alternatively, a punter can make a wager on more than one outcome in the 1×2 betting market by placing other types of bets.

2. Betting On More Than One Outcome

A punter can make a wager on a combination of two out of three outcomes in other betting markets such as Asian handicap or double chance wagers. These markets give a punter a better hedge against two out of three possible effects, increasing a punter’s chances of winning. If a punter is sure the game will end in a particular result, then a 1×2 betting market is more lucrative. However, if a punter feels a game doesn’t have a definitive outcome, the punter can make a bet on a win and draw, a loss and draw, or a win and loss.

3. Only Valid On Sports With Three Outcomes

1×2 betting strategies are valid on games with three possible outcomes: football, hockey, rugby, ice hockey, etc. While some sporting events have three possible effects: basketball, handball, and cricket, a draw match rarely occurs within these sporting events. If a third outcome or a draw result is unlikely, then the sportsbook is unlikely to provide 1×2 betting markets on those types of sports.

4. Probabilities Of 1×2 Betting

A punter has to make a wager on one out of three possible outcomes, which gives a punter a 33% chance of getting the bet right. However, home teams win more often than away teams and draw less frequent results in top Leagues such as the Premier League. On average, the home team wins 45% of the time, the away team wins 30% of the time, and the game ends in a draw 25% of the time. A punter needs to consider the probabilities of a team winning based on multiple vital metrics apart from the odds listed by the gambling provider.

5. Medium Risk / Reward Ratio

The 1×2 betting market has a medium risk-to-reward ratio. The higher the risk a punter is willing to take by making a wager on an unlikely outcome, the higher the possibility of a bigger payday for a correct prediction. While the 1×2 market isn’t as lucrative as the parlay, mix parlay, combination, or accumulator wagers, a punter stands a higher chance of winning a 1×2 bet than the others.

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