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BTTS is short for a unique type of betting market, which involves making a wager on both teams to score in a game. BTTS or both teams to score is one of the most popular goal-scoring betting markets punters to make predictions. In other goal prediction markets, they require punters to select who will score the first goal; the total goals scored in a game, the first goal scored by a player, the total goals scored by a team, the timing of a plan, and other types of goal scoring prediction betting markets. The problem with most goal-scoring betting markets is they are hard to predict, and the probability of winning is slimmer compared to other types of betting markets. For a BTTS wager to pay off, both teams must score at least one goal each, with no restrictions or cap on the upper limit of goals scored in a game. For example, in a match between Arsenal and Liverpool, both teams to score wager will payout if the game ends at least 1-1, 2-1, 1-2, 2-2 or higher. Any scoreline at 1-0, 0-0, or 0-1 will not payout on a BTTS wager.


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Features Of BTTS

Some of the critical features of betting are both teams must achieve at least one goal, putting up metrics for tracking, making wagers on weak defensive teams, paying attention to past BTTS wagers that paid off, and abiding by the sportsbook or provider’s terms and conditions.

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1. Both Teams Must Score

As the name of the betting market implies, both teams must score at least one goal for a bet to payout. If only one team scores or neither team scores a plan, then a BTTS bet doesn’t payout. The goals scored can be achieved in either half of the game and cut in injury time. VAR has a vital role in overturning decisions involving canceling goals scored and assigning goals not given. More importantly, they include VAR goals in the payout for a BTTS wager.

2. Important Metrics

Some teams are generally high-scoring teams and tend to score goals consistently. However, both teams must score for a BTTS wager. The best statistics to follow to make a BTTS wager include average goals scored per game for both groups over the past 3, 5, 10, and 30 games. If both teams average at least one goal a game, a BTTS bet is highly likely to pay off. Players in goal-scoring form can also have an impact on the outcome of a BTTS wager. Penalties won during a game in the regulation 90-minutes count towards a BTTS wager.

3. Wagers On Bad Defenses

Keeping track of defensive information and statistics is as important as keeping track of offensive metrics. A team’s defensive formation, players in each position, number of defenders, goals conceded, shots faced, and a goal keeper’s form is vital in determining the probability of scoring an offensive attack. Ideally, two teams with good attacking and bad defensive tactics are involved in high-scoring games. A punter can make a BTTS wager on games with bad defenses and expect to win a payout more often than not.

4. Past BTTS Winners

Research is an essential component when making any wager. Looking at past games in which both teams had scored goals or when a BTTS wager paid off can help predict future performance. While past performance can’t solely determine the outcome of a future event or game, it can be a helpful metric in searching for new opportunities in different leagues and tournaments. Punters can also look at other clubs and tournaments and make wagers on teams in clubs with a higher goal-scoring average, such as PSG in Ligue 1.

5. Terms And conditions

The terms and conditions stipulate what is needed to win, and the punter wins or loses a bet. For example, they will not include goals scored in extra time or penalties after a game in both teams’ score-type wager. Other types of wagers within BTTS include BTTS in the first half, BTTS in the second half, or BTTS within a combined stake. For example, SBOTOP, a top betting provider, lists the terms and conditions for each wager in a clear and accessible format. Punters can also sign up with the provider and stay on top of the latest betting updates on different BTTS wagers.

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