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Roulette Betting Strategies

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The first roulette table invented was perhaps by mistake in the 1700s. Today, which we know for Pascal’s law and several other contributions in the field of science, Pascal also proposed a machine that could run forever. It is also known as a perpetual motion machine. The intention behind the design of the machine was to enable a wheel to spin forever after one spin. Unfortunately, this defies multiple laws of thermodynamics. However, in the process of experimentation, the Roulette wheel was developed and became a popular game in the Italian regions of Europe. A fun fact is that a total number of digits on a 36 numbered roulette wheel equals 666.

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Roulette Strategies

Some of the most utilized and effective roulette betting strategies include making wagers on odd or even numbers, betting on high or low numbers, making wagers on colors such as red or black, making wagers on individual numbers, and accurate bet sizing. Within bet sizing, punters have access to multiple betting strategies such as Fibonacci betting, Paroli betting, Martingale betting, D’Alembert betting, and variations on top of these betting systems.

1. Betting On Odd Or Even

Betting on odd or even betting markets are the most common wagers in roulette. Punters adopt various betting strategies based on odd and even numbers in roulette. Odd numbers in roulette include 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, etc. and even numbers are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, etc. A punter has a probability of just under 50% of winning an odd or even wager because 0 in European roulette and 00 in American roulette are numbers that belong to the house.

2. Betting On High Or Low

Punters can make wagers on high numbers or low numbers on a roulette table. Low numbers constitute numbers from 1 to 18, and increased numbers comprise 19 to 37 or 38. Different bookmakers have varying restrictions, rules, and conditions on high and low numbers in roulette wagers.

3. Betting On Red Or Black

Betting on red or black is making a wager on a color the ball will land on after a spin. Each number on the roulette table is placed in a red slot alternating with black space. Essentially, a punter has an equal chance of getting red or black with a small probability of landing on 0 and losing the wager.

4. Number Betting

Number betting on roulette is one of the most complex betting strategies a punter can adapt and win. While it’s not entirely impossible to win when betting on numbers on roulette, it’s usually a rare event. For a punter to accurately get the number right, they have a 1 in 37 chance in European roulette and a 1 in 38 luck in American roulette. American roulette has 0 and 00 as the first two numbers, slightly increasing the house edge each time the ball lands on either of those two numbers. While number betting isn’t a profitable strategy, it can be fun and occasionally payout maximum wagers on the roulette table.

5. Accurate Bet Sizing

Bet sizing is one of the most complex components of roulette. Most new punters often struggle to maximize winning bets by not wagering enough on the outcome or minimize losses by going all-in on a losing wager. Punters have access to multiple bet sizing strategies such as the Paroli betting system, the Martingale betting system, the anti-Martingale betting system, the Fibonacci betting sequence, and several other types of betting systems. Some bet sizing strategies include decreasing a wager after a loss and increasing it after a win. In contrast, other methods improve a chance after a loss and reduce the next bet after winning. The strategies can be broadly classified into low-risk, medium-risk, and high-risk betting strategies. Each punter can modify and adjust a design to suit their personal preference, risk profile, the margin of error, and desired profit level.

6. Multiple Punters

Multiple punters can place wagers on a single spin of a roulette wheel. However, land-based casinos are restricted by a maximum upper limit on the number of punters placing a bet on a reel. Online casinos usually don’t have such restrictions. Multiple punters can place wagers at any time, from any place, and any wager amount with no limits on upper limits with platforms such as SBOTOP.

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