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Asian Handicap Betting Strategies

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Sports betting strategies are as old as sporting betting events. With the inception of wagers, bookies and punters adopted various ways to win legitimately, set prices, and select stakes. These winning ways are now known as betting strategies. Over time, betting strategies were formally refined, given metrics and statistical analysis to understand the effectiveness of a system in a particular wager, sport, or situation. The right sports betting strategies complement a punter’s style of betting. The wrong sports betting strategy can increase losses, inefficient wagers, or selecting the wrong bet size for the correct chance. For context, punters have access to over 20 different betting strategies, with multiple iterations of each strategy. An iteration of a strategy or sub-strategy is a strategy designed based on the idea of an existing strategy with subtle changes to suit a gambler’s needs, style, and preference. Popular betting strategies punters use the Fibonacci betting sequence, the Paroli betting system, parlay wagers, both teams to score stakes, and the Asian handicap sports betting strategy.


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Features of Asian Handicap

Some of the features of Asian handicap sports betting strategies include the plan’s origin, the limited possibility of a draw outcome, access to multiple betting markets based on Asian handicap, and the season Asian handicap betting market.

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1. Origin

Asian handicap wagers originated in Asia and are one of the most popular betting strategies adopted by Asian bettors. The Asian handicap betting market is currently gaining prominence in other continents such as Europe and America. SBOTOP is one of the sportsbooks leading the way for global adoption.

2. No Draws

One of the key features of Asian handicap wagers is the limited possibility of two outcomes instead of three. In a football or soccer game, the game can end in a tie, a win or loss for the teams. The Asian handicap betting market eliminates the possibility of a draw by matching the odds of both teams playing. In essence, the weaker team gets a boost at the start of a game, or the more robust team gets a handicap. If a punter makes a wager on the outright winner of the game, then both teams would be evenly matched in terms of odds. If a punter made a wager on the goals scored, then the weaker team would get a head start of 1 to 4 goals at the beginning of the game, a deficit the team expected to win has to overcome.

3. Asian handicap 0

The Asian handicap 0 betting market matches two teams evenly at the start of a betting event. However, if the match ends in a draw, any wagers made are refunded to the punter. Most sportsbooks do not offer the Asian handicap 0 betting market. However, punters have access to multiple betting markets based on the Asian handicap betting market. When teams unevenly-matched teams, they advise punters to make handicap wagers when two teams. A punter may not find many needs to make a wager on two evenly matched teams. Even if a punter can make such a wager, the punter is unlikely to predict in which direction the game is likely to end.

4. Season Asian handicap

The season Asian handicap betting market is a famous betting market that makes wagering on Leagues and seasons more fun and competitive. At the season’s start, the weakest teams are given a headstart in terms of points, and the strongest teams have to overcome that handicap. If the outcome of the Premier League is easy to predict because one or two teams seem to run away with the title, then Asian handicap wagers are a solution. When evenly matched teams win, the Premier League may not be the same winner as the Season handicap if the teams throughout the league.

The season Asian handicap betting market is similar to the Asian handicap goals or match-winner betting markets. The difference lies in the wager’s timeline since season wagers last the entire duration of a season or almost a year, and other types of handicap wagers last for the period of a game or until the event occurs, which can take up to 90 minutes. They advise punters to place season Asian handicaps after studying regular Asian handicap wagers first.