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Discover a Proven 3 Card Poker Betting Strategy For 2023

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Only a few casino games boast as many variants as poker. However, among the abundance of poker variants, none can successfully rival the thrill, fast-pace, and excitement of 3 card poker. But, because this game has so many nuances, you must have a working understanding of how three card poker is played before you can implement any strategy here.

How Three Card Poker Is Played

Derek Webb, the creator of 3 card poker, ensured that the rules of this game were simple to understand yet able to offer a payout attractive enough to even veteran poker players. So, let’s take a good look at the rules that govern this fantastic poker game.

Three Card Poker Rules To Note

To start with, please remember that this game is played with a 52-deck card. To foster an easier understanding of the inner workings of this game, we’ll be giving you a play-by-play guide of how one round of three card poker goes.

  • You start by placing an ante bet.
  • The dealer deals three card face-up to the player before another three are sold with the dealer.
  • Depending on the nature of the cards, the player can either place a play bet or fold the hand.
  • Should the player fold, they lose their ante bet.
  • Should they continue, the cost of the play bet becomes equal to that on the initial ante bet.
  • If the player opts to continue playing, the dealer then turns the three card they dealt themselves.
  • The dealer needs to have a Queen in their hand to qualify.
  • Should the dealer’s hand not qualify, the player wins 1:1.
  • Should the dealer qualify, their writing is compared to the player? The entity with the superior poker hand rank wins.
  • Should the player win, they get a 1:1 payoff on the ante and play bet.
  • You raise your bet if you have the highest card (a King or Ace).
  • In the event both hands tie, both the ante and play bets are pushed.
  • No matter the outcome of the round, should the player hold a straight or higher, they get an automatic ante bonus.

The Best 3 Card Poker Strategy

The most efficient strategy for the ante bet and play bet in three card poker is Queen – Six – Four. By inference, when your hand is at least equal to or stronger than Q-6-4, you should always raise your bet and make your play bet. Some things to keep in mind are:

  • Always start with your highest card. Should that card be lower than a Queen’s, you must hold your hand.
  • You raise your chance if you have the highest card (a King or Ace).
  • Should the highest card be a Queen, you must find a second highest card.
  • Should the second highest card be 6, you must find a third card.

You’ll have no trouble playing three card poker with these guiding principles!