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Betting On Half Time/Full-Time Result

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By now, you’ve probably realized that just winning bets is cool, but it’s also far from enough if you want to turn significant profits in Football betting. Consequently, your only option is finding the best value for your bets. That being said, anyone who’s genuinely familiar with Football betting will know that finding value for your bets isn’t quite as simple as taking a walk in the park. To make the most of every wager, you need to employ every tool and resource at your disposal, and this is where making Half Time/Full Time bets comes in.

  • What exactly is Half Time/Full Time betting?
  • How does this betting market operate?
  • What are the best tips for playing in such a challenging space?

Half Time/Full Time, like a few other betting markets out there, helps you circumvent the restrictions of the classic Win/Lose/Draw outcomes typical with Football games. Rather than offering just three outcomes, it considers the proceedings in the game at Half Time and Full Time and uses this to provide you with 9 possible outcomes. All of which is:–

  • Home Team Lead – Home Team Win,
  • Home Team Lead – Home Team Draw
  • Home team Lead – Away Team Win
  • Draw – Home Team Win
  • Draw – Draw
  • Draw–Away Team Win
  • Away Team Lead – Away Team Win
  • Away Team Lead – Away Team Draw
  • Away Team Lead – Home Team Win

With these nine possible outcomes for the first and concluding half of the game, what you stand to win increases significantly. But so does your risk. Due to this, you have to exercise great patience and function to make accurate betting predictions if you want to use this market successfully. Typically, for the best results, it’s better to use this betting market to complement safe bets and increase what you stand to win for reasonably sure games. To use this betting market right:

  • Always remember that statistically, only about 5% of teams who trail at the end of the first half go on to win the game, while at least 80% of teams in the lead at halftime secure their victory.
  • Let the preferred strategy of the teams in the event significantly influence which way you bet.
  • Familiarize yourself intimately with the stats and relevant news about the players and teams you’ll be betting on.

Ultimately, the high risk of Half Time/Full Time can’t be begrudged because it’s also responsible for the high-value reward. While playing in this betting market might seem daunting initially, all you need is a little practice, and you’ll get better at playing here.

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