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Typically, when most punters start sports betting, one of the many things that they tend to have their eyes on is the VIP status that they’ve likely heard that many bookmakers offer. Just the sound of the term alone indicates class and exclusivity.

  • But is that all there is to it?
  • How does a bettor even become VIP?
  • When you finally achieve this aim, is it really worth it?
  • Are there downsides to being a VIP bettor?

Finding the right answers to these questions helps you properly identify if VIP status with your bookmaker is something you should chase or if you’re better off than you are. Bookmakers VIP schemes are becoming an increasingly common concept for online sports betting platforms today. Essentially, a VIP scheme is a perk reserved for the high spenders on any betting platform. Because these people are spending so much, the bookmaker wants to show them that they value their patronage and encourage them to spend more.
While the details will vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, some benefits that come with being a VIP include but aren’t limited to,

  • Access to special bonuses and unique prizes,
  • Better odds on certain games,
  • Faster banking services,
  • Access to special sporting experiences,
  • Access to better offers than the regular members of the platform get,
  • A dedicated account manager or assistant,
  • Loyalty points,
  • Days out events and so on.

All of this definitely sounds like a treat. However, there’s more to VIP schemes than just this. To start with, this VIP status is never permanent. It is contingent on meeting certain requirements that are usually never revealed to the punter. As such, you might have the VIP status this month and lose it next month. That isn’t the only downside. Because this elite position is reserved for big spenders, you have to continue spending big to stay there. This, among many other things, compels many people to start wagering beyond their means just to make sure they don’t lose VIP privileges.


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Also, becoming a VIP member invites closer scrutiny, which might not work well for you if you practice matched betting or other betting strategies frowned upon by bookmakers. In the end, whether or not you want VIP status is dependent on why you’re betting. If you’re betting basically to make a profit, then VIP status is likely counterproductive to that end. However, if you’re in it for the fun of it all and the experience, then it is worth giving a try. As this is an invite-only affair, you can simply contact your bookmaker to request it if you’ve not gotten an invite. Keep in mind, though, that your bookmaker ultimately decides to or not to extend you this privilege!

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