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Not many players can boast the illustrious football career that Eduardo Garcia Martin, the Number 10 jersey wearer of ATK Mohun Bagan has. Popularly referred to as Edu Garcia, this player has made a visible impact in the club in the short time that he has been around. With the Indian Super League becoming more competitive than ever before, it takes a special kind of player to perform in such an atmosphere and deliver the quality of result that this individual does with the same level of consistency.

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How Edu Garcia’s Football Career Began

As a young player, it was always clear that this individual had great talent. That was why it wasn’t a big surprise when he readily got admitted into the very competitive youth team of the Spanish club, Real Zaragoza, at the tender age of 12. Just like with everywhere he has ever been, this player constantly displayed his skill and ability to deliver results, so it didn’t take him long to debut in the club’s 2009/10 Tercera Division campaign. This distinguished player didn’t slow down or falter and so was able to record an astounding 16 goals in one season in his first year of playing upon his consequent return to the Ebro. His actions did not go unnoticed, which was what ultimately prompted his promotion to Segunda Division B. He distinguished himself from his counterparts with an additional eight goals; all scored with skill and an economy of movement.

Introduction To The Indian Super League

By all standards, this Spanish player is a relatively new entry to the Indian Super League. While many would consider him to be very popular now due to the impact he has had on ATK Mohun Bagan, they would be wrong to assume that this was where his career in the Indian Super League began. Edu Garcia made his first debut in the Indian Super League to sign for the Bengaluru Football Club. He joined The Blues back in 2017 under a one-year contract. Making his match debut a little over a month after he was signed, Garcia showed that he was well at home in the Indian Super League by scoring the first goal that would lead to the team’s final victory over Mumbai City FC on the 19th of November 2017. Just as his entry was memorable, he saw that so was his exit. He would play for the Blues against the Guars; he ensured to put his name on the score sheets in the encounter that ended in a 2-0 victory for Bengaluru FC. It was at this point that he left for China League One in 2018.

Joining ATK Mohun Bagan FC

The left-winger would return later that same year to join ATK FC in the Indian Super League. He quickly showed that he felt at home here and that he would be a valuable addition to the team from his very first game. ATK FC met up with Kerala Blasters on the 25th of January 2019, and this showdown would be Garcia’s debut match for the club. He stepped up duly and scored the free-kick that saw that the match ended 1-1. His performance has not dipped or lulled since then. He reaffirmed his love and loyalty by signing on a new 2-year contract after the ATK and Mohun Bagan merger formed ATK Mohun Bagan. Edu Garcia remained an imposing player for ATK Mohun Bagan and the Indian Super League.

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