Sports Betting Tips For Beginners – Different Types Of Bets Explained
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Different Types Of Bets Explained

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Sports betting is a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide, which is why it isn’t surprising that more and more people are seeing the benefits of getting in on this action. But to make sure you get things right and don’t just lose all your money to bookmakers, you must put your best foot forward. The first step down this road is identifying the types of bets you’re likely to encounter while gambling in sports. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of the different types of bets that beginners in the game can try their hands at first before moving down to the more complicated aspects of sports betting.

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Hello! My name’s Joey and I’m delighted to have you on board today! We’re glad you’re deciding to try your hand at sports betting so I’ll be explaining the best types of sports bets you can take to see just what the industry has to offer you. More than that, I’ll also be leaving you a link down below to one of the best places to start your betting adventure online! The more informed you are, the more you stand to gain! Learn the ropes of sports betting and give yourself a valuable edge in this highly competitive space! Watch the Betting Tips Video Series compiled by SBOtop to master all you need to know to bet with the expertise of pros quicker. By simply clicking the Subscribe button, you can join a league of elite sports bettors in training and make money from sports betting faster. You mustn’t miss a single episode so make sure you’ve set your notifications so you get a ping when we have something for you to see! If you’ve Liked this video as well, then keep watching!

Some Of The Best Bet Types Most Ideal For Beginners

Moneyline Betting

Simply referred to as moneyline betting by others, this is the simplest type of betting you will see when sports betting. As every sports event typically involves two sides, a Win bet requires you to simply pick who you think will come out on top in the competition to win your wager. In a game of soccer, assume that Southampton and Manchester City are facing off. All you have to do is pick who you think will win. If you choose Manchester City and win, you profit, and if they don’t, you lose the wager. That’s all there is to win betting in its purest form.

Total Goals Betting

Here, you’re working with a benchmark you establish with your sportsbook. Let’s say for example that Chelsea and Everton are meeting in a Premier League game. With this betting type, you can bet that the total number of goals scored by both teams will be over or under a certain value. This betting style allows you a considerable amount of flexibility as you can do things like betting on the total number of goals scored at half-time alone, the total number of goals scored by just one team, and so on.

Handicap Betting

Regarded as one of the most profitable betting types for beginners and professionals alike, handicap betting helps you get a leg-up over the conventional choice of Win-Loss-Draw in any sports betting game. You get to pick two options here, instead of just one. Continuing with the example from before, if Chelsea and Everton are to play, you can stake that Chelsea will win or draw. In this case, the only premise under which you won’t make any money is if Everton wins the game.

Mix Parlay Betting

This can be a little tough to grasp for beginners but it merits mentioning because it fetches one of the highest returns when done right. With all the bet types mentioned earlier, you’re betting on the outcome of just one sports event. Mix Parlay helps you bet on several sports events across three or more leagues, drastically increasing what you stand to win. It takes a bit of practice to master but can prove truly rewarding. As you progress, we’ll be introducing even more sports betting types you can enjoy and benefit from!

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