Effective Sic Bo Betting Strategies
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Sic Bo Betting Strategies

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Several popular casino games and casino betting strategies emerged from Asia. Even popular sports betting systems such as the Asian handicap betting market originated and gained prominence in China and Asia before reaching the global stage. The literal translation of Sic bo means high or low and is the main characteristic of this casino game. The two most popular versions of the game are played in the Philippines and Macau. Immigrants from China helped bring awareness around the game in the Western world in the 20th and 21st centuries. The English version of Sic bo is Grand hazard and is played in Western countries with some game variations, only two dice. Sic bo translates to high-low in English.

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Sic Bo betting Strategies

Some popular Sic bo betting strategies include betting on big or small, betting on odd or even, making wagers on higher-paying betting markets, and utilizing other Sic bo betting markets to profit.

1. Betting On Big Or Small

Like high or low in roulette, punters can make wagers on the big or small outcome in Sic bo. A bet on big or small indicates a chance on the total sum of the three dice rolled. The maximum rolled on three dice is 18 (three sixes), and the least is 3 (three ones). A bet on small indicates the punter will move a number higher than three and less than 11. A chance on ample means the punter will roll a number higher than ten and less than 18. The probability of winning a bet in Sic bo is marginally above 48.5%.

2. Betting On Even Or Odd

The odd and even betting market is another betting market that shares common characteristics with betting on odd or even in roulette. As the name implies, a wager on weird wins if the total sum of numbers on the dice equals an odd number (5, 7, 9, 11, etc.). An even wager wins if the total sum of numbers on the dice equals an exact number (4, 6, 8, 10, etc.). A triple (or all three dice roll the same number) is one caveat to the odd and even betting market where a punter doesn’t win for an accurate prediction. The probability of winning the even or bizarre betting market is also marginally above 48.5%.

3. High Paying Wagers

One of the highest paying wagers in Sic bo is making a wager on a specific number to appear on all three rolled dice. For a puter to win a particular triple bet, all numbers need to be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 on all the dice. A punter must also predict accurately which number all dice will land on to win. The probability of winning a specific triple wager is marginally under 0.50%, making it very rare for a punter to win this wager. The payout for a particular triple lies around 180x the chance made, which can be a very lucrative betting market in Sic bo. Alternatively, a punter can place a wager on any triple, which means a player receives a payout if all three dice land on the same number, irrespective of the number where the dice lands. The payout for any triples is slightly over 30x, with the probability of winning slightly under 3%.

4. Other Betting Markets

Apart from the popular betting markets most Sic bo players already know, punters also gain access to more specific betting markets in online Sic bo. Some of the betting markers punter’s can make wagers on including clear doubles, any triples, total on three dice, different dice combinations, single dice wager, and multiple combinations of these wagers rolled into a single stake.

The most accessible betting market to make a wager on (after the odd/even or high/low calls) is the single dice wager betting market. A single dice wager is making a wager on the number that will occur on one of the dice. A punter can pick any number between one and six and has a 35% probability of winning. However, the payout for a single dice wager is at 1x and goes higher depending on the number wagered.