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Both Teams To Score (BTTS) Betting Tips

Both Teams To Score (BTTS) Betting Tips Blog Featured ImageBoth Teams To Score (BTTS) Betting Tips Blog

Both Teams to Score is one particularly lucrative betting market that every sports bettor should try out at least once. Also fondly referred to as Both Teams to Score, its abbreviation, the simplicity and rewards that the game offers punters cannot be easily discounted. Even though this betting market is fairly popular, some bettors still aren’t familiar with it and the vast potentials that it has to offer.

In its purest form, BTTS is a betting market that helps you to win wagers by simply establishing that both teams playing in a specific match will or won’t find the back of the net during the event. As an example, in a game between Leicester and West Ham, you are allowed to choose Yes or No, whether both teams will score by the time the game ends. If you go for BTTS, Yes, and the game ends with a scoreline like Leicester 0 – 0 West Ham, you lose your stake because neither team scored. However, if the match ended Leicester 1 – 1 West Ham, you win because both teams fulfilled the requirement. With classic BTTS, who wins the match is irrelevant. What matters most is that goals are or aren’t scored. To increase your profit and fuel your excitement, you can improve on basic BTTS by playing:

Both Teams To Score + Result

Here, you get to throw in the Yes-No factor of BTTS plus deciding who will win the match. On the NO side of things, you have the options, No and Draw, No and Home Team Win, No and Away Team while. The same is replicated vice versa on the YES side of BTTS. The increased number of variables greatly increases what you stand to win if you predict right.

Both Teams To Score Over Or Under

You can also spice things up with some Alternative Goal Line action. Here, you simply predict that the total number of goals both teams will score won’t exceed a specific value.

Goal In Both Halves And BTTS In Both Halves

Here, you get to predict that at least a goal comes in both halves, regardless of the team scoring for Goals in Both Halves. For BTTS in Both Halves, the two teams have to score at least one goal each in both halves of the game. Own goals may or may not count toward this end, depending on the discretion of your bookmaker. There are two ways you can go about using this betting market to your advantage.

The first is to strip both teams down to their performance and news stats. Look into everything from their history of past meetings to the current morale and form of their strikers. Among other things, the strength of their defense and the clean sheet records of each goalie must also be considered. You’ll then use this data to inform your bet.

The alternative is to swing into action with an in-play bet. This means placing your bet after the game has started and capitalizing on the volatility of the odds at that point. Here, the longer you wait before entering the fray, the higher your profit stand to get if you bet right. As with everything regarding sports betting, where you do it matters a lot, which is why we’ve dropped a link you can follow down below to a platform that offers great odds and exemplary service all around.

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