Mastering Blackjack Betting: A Comprehensive Guide To Card Values
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Blackjack Betting 101 – Understand Card Values

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No one has ever won big in casino games like blackjack without at least having a working understanding of the game’s rules. The most important thing to learn and consider betting real money here is the value of cards in blackjack. As you’re likely already aware, what value cards carry differs depending on the type of casino game you’re playing. Because of this, you can’t just transfer your knowledge of card values from games like poker or Uno to blackjack. So here, we’ll be shedding more light on card values in this casino game and how to use them to your advantage. It is essential to know the different types of cards in this blackjack.

The Types Of Cards In Blackjack

The two major types of cards every punter needs to know about in this game are;

  • Numbered Cards
  • Court Cards

Below are things to know about these cards and what they represent.

Numbered Cards

Also commonly referred to as pip cards, these cards refer to the cards in a deck that carries a numerical value. The process of ranking such cards is pretty simple. It is because their value typically corresponds with the number the card has.

It holds from 2-9. So, for instance, the number “7” card carries a value of 7.

The one card that’s the odd one out (so to speak) among numbered cards is the Ace. This card carries two different values and is the only card with this capability in blackjack. It can be valued as one or as 11. The player’s decision to hold determines which value the card is precisely in a blackjack game.

Face Cards

These are also popularly known as court cards. And, just like the name suggests, these types of cards refer to the ones in a deck that have images on them. The cards under this category are King, Queen, and Jack cards. The most important thing to know about face cards is that they all carry the exact value of 10. The blackjack King, the blackjack Queen and the blackjack Jack each have a value of 10.

What To Remember Before You Start Playing

As a player, you need to familiarize yourself intimately with the game’s rules. While it might seem like a hindrance at first, the fact remains that these are the variables that make blackjack ultimately profitable. With this in mind, ensure that you correctly understand the value assigned to each card before you start betting with real money.

Final Word

Blackjack is lauded for the fantastic payouts that a bettor stands to win with it. However, if you don’t go in fully prepared, you’re more likely to lose than profit. So check out our top blackjack tips here before you start playing seriously!