Fibonacci Betting System In Roulette
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Roulette Betting 101 – Fibonacci Betting System In Roulette

Fibonacci Betting System In Roulette Blog Featured ImageFibonacci Betting System In Roulette Blog

For as long as there have been casino games, betting strategies have been used to limit the house edge and give bettors more advantage. As you can imagine, these betting systems have varying levels of efficacy which is why it’s so essential that punters understand them well before even considering implementing them. The betting strategy in focus today is the Fibonacci betting system. Here, we’ll be examining this old betting style in detail to ascertain if it is for you.

What Is The Fibonacci Betting Strategy?

This betting system is directly derived from the Fibonacci numbers. The Fibonacci numbers are sequences where the following number is the two preceding it. Here is an example of how the sequence in question looks.


The Fibonacci sequence is endless, and it has found numerous practical applications in various areas of science and math. It even presents itself quite visibly in nature as well.

Fibonacci Betting In Roulette

When using the Fibonacci in roulette, you don’t have to start from number 1. It is a system that’s best applied only in even-money bets, that is, bets with a nearly 50-50 chance of winning. So, while it might be appealing to try out this strategy on inside bets, you should avoid this as it goes poorly more often than not. The numbers in this sequence are what determine how you’ll bet. You start with the first number in your line, and then you work your way up from there. If you win the first bet, you need to restart the sequence. But in cases where you’re further along when you lose a chance, what you do here is move two numbers down the line and place a bet based on that number. You’ll rinse and repeat this process until you get to the beginning of the sequence.

Is The Fibonacci Worth It?

Like every other betting system in roulette, using the Fibonacci sequence appears to have a lot of potentials, and it does. However, it’s not a betting strategy that’ll serve you well long-term. It is entirely understandable when you consider that all this system does is tell you how much to bet. It offers no extra information whatsoever and doesn’t improve the edge you’re up against in any way. That said, this betting strategy helps you in that it offers a measure of structure to your betting, eliminating inconsistencies with your wagers. Also, your chances of winning with this strategy are significantly increased when you use it on our platform as we offer an abundance of variation!

Final Word

Ultimately, this betting system’s significant, especially when compared to many of the other systems bettors are employing at the moment. However, when you use it, keep in mind that you’re likely to win a lot. Beyond this, the Fibonacci strategy does do much to keep your wagers safe and help you bet longer!