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Baccarat Betting Guide – Have Fun And Take a Loss In Stride

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If you’re getting on the baccarat bandwagon, one thing you’ll never run short of now is fun and excitement! That being said, you should go in knowing that baccarat isn’t like any of the other card games you play. So, you must know how to have fun with the game and learn how to take a loss without flinching.

Why You Need to Learn To Have Fun with Baccarat

You may be wondering, why exactly is it so vital that you not take baccarat so seriously? Well, here are two reasons worth noting,

  1. You Have Limited Control Over the OutcomesIn a blackjack game, you can turn the tide and influence things by splitting, standing, and so on. However, your decisions have limited sway over how things turn out with baccarat.
  2. It Uses a Unique System to Decide the WinnerUsing blackjack as a reference again, you have a relatively straightforward system for determining the winner; you count your cards at face value. It means that cards like the Queens, Kings, and Jacks have a value of 10. For example, if you’re dealt a three and then a 5, you have 8. So, when a jack is drawn next, you know you have 18. But with baccarat, not all cards are counted at face value. While cards 2 through 9 retain their original weight, all face cards are assigned a value of 0 here, while Aces are given a value of 1. So, when the total value of the cards you have enters double digits, you have to drop the first digit, and the second digit becomes your real value. If after three draws you have a total of 17, you drop the one and have a value of 7. All of this and a host of other game rules mean that it can take a little practice. What’s more, you’ll need to slow your roll if you want to start making money straight away here. Still, all of this doesn’t mean that you can’t increase your bankroll here. It just means that you have to be a bit more mindful of how you carry yourself.

Things You Need To Do To Enjoy Your Baccarat Sessions

  • Make sure you familiarize yourself with how the odds of the game work.
  • Avoid betting on a tie at all costs.
  • Consider making a banker bet if you’re playing baccarat without a system.
  • When using a progressive betting system, make more player bets.
  • Understand that even tested and trusted baccarat betting systems aren’t perfect. Take your time to understand the possible flaws of the systems you plan to use.
  • Remember that slow and steady wins the race. So, don’t be in a hurry when placing your bets.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, even with the most careful systems, you will take a few losses. So, make sure that you have a fun time through it all!

Seth Schey
the authorSeth Schey