Baccarat Betting 101 – Banker Bets
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Baccarat Betting Guide – Banker Bets

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Congratulations are in order if you’re getting into the baccarat betting scene! You’ve stumbled on a potential goldmine. The only thing left to ensure is that you put your best foot forward, and with baccarat, that’s placing banker bets. Here’s more on how to place this particular type of bet.

Baccarat Betting Explained

Understanding the fundamentals of baccarat is essential if you want to know why banker bets are the way to go. The game itself is straightforward. The player and dealer will have two cards apiece for each hand with one goal in mind; to get the closest number nine (9) as possible. Remember that cards from 10 to the kind in baccarat are assigned a value of 0. However, aces have a value of 1. So, you total the value of the two cards you’re given, and if it exceeds 10, the first digit is dropped. For example, if the total of the two cards was 15, the “1” is removed, which makes what you have “5”.

When a player has a total of 8 or 9, this is called a “Natural .” In this case, no extra cards are dealt. But, another card is sold to the player in the absence of a natural. And so, the player then stands on 6 or 7 while the dealer stands on 7- 9. At this point, the drawing strategy for the banker’s hand begins to favor the banker bet. It is because the banker’s hand will only draw a third hand.

What The Math Says About Banker Bets

So far, we’ve looked at how the gameplay goes and what this translates to when you place banker bets. But what do the numbers reveal here? Statistically, the banker’s hand has been known to win about 46% of the time. On the flip side, the player hand comes up winner 45% of the time. The remaining 9% of the time usually ends in ties. But a tie pushes. And, as a result, this raises the number of times that the banker’s hand wins to 51%! It effectively makes the banker bet so good that it gives you that much-needed advantage over the casino. As you would only imagine, going into any betting session with a 51% advantage will put any house at a loss eventually! And that’s why casinos use commissions to restore a measure of balance to the dynamics of things.

The Effect Of Commissions On Your Winnings

Because of the increased likelihood of the banker bet winning, there’s a commission that you must pay the house on every winning hand. Typically, this is usually no more than 5%. So, if you place a banker bet for $20 and win, you get $19.

It might seem minimal, but it isn’t because you’ll need to play with a decent amount of money if you want to offset that commission. And that’s the basics of banker bets!