Blackjack Betting 101 – Single Deck And Multiple Deck Blackjack Games
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Single Deck And Multiple Deck Blackjack Games

Single Deck And Multiple Deck Blackjack Games Blog Featured ImageSingle Deck And Multiple Deck Blackjack Games Blog

In land-based casinos, blackjack was arguably the most popular game. It is no surprise that this is made a smooth and seamless transition online, becoming even more popular on these platforms. However, regardless of where you’re playing this game, one thing you need to familiarize yourself intimately with is the blackjack variants out there. Without further ado, here’s all you need to know about that!

Single Deck Blackjack

It is a blackjack game where only one deck of playing cards is used. Also regarded as the first and oldest blackjack variant, this variant is known to have the lowest playing odds.

Multiple Deck Blackjack

Just as the name suggests, up to six to eight decks can be used in these blackjack games. These blackjack variants were invented so that casinos could increase the house edge. It is put in place to edge out the single deck blackjack variant, and it did just that for a while. But in recent times, the single deck blackjack variant has risen to popularity once more.

Why The Number Of Decks You Play With Is Important In Blackjack

What does it matter how many decks you play with?

Does the number of decks in blackjack influence gameplay in any way?

Well, paying attention to this factor is vital because the more decks there are, the fewer blackjacks you automatically get. Because of this, where it’s available, we always recommend that players go for single-deck games. Let’s take a closer look at this variant of blackjack.

Merits Of Single Deck Blackjack

As we’ve already pointed out, in its purest form, the most significant benefit of playing single deck blackjack is that it keeps your house edge firmly at 0.15%. Thanks to this, you’ll be facing the casino on almost even ground, drastically increasing your chances of winning. Another dividend of this blackjack variant dramatically benefits card counters as fewer variables are in the mix. They don’t have to wait to get the most favorable counts.

Demerits Of Single Deck Blackjack

The major drawback of playing this variant today is that most casinos tend to put very stringent rules. For example, a casino might offer 6:5 blackjack payouts instead of the conventional 3:2. Should they opt to do this, they’d increase the odds you’re up against from 0.15% to a staggering 1.45%. Another downside of this blackjack is that it effectively ensures that you don’t get many comps. Only a few casinos will give you an actual single deck game as they know it will be to their disadvantage in the long run.


If you truly want to shine in the blackjack world, you need to arm yourself with many well-kept secrets about the game and, more importantly, find the right place to bet.

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