Ultimate Guide On BTTS (Both Teams To Score) In Football Betting
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BTTS (Both Teams To Score) In Football Betting

BTTS (Both Teams To Score) In Football Betting Blog Featured ImageBTTS (Both Teams To Score) In Football Betting Blog

The Both Teams To Score (BTTS) market is a testament to the level of versatility that football betting lends itself to today. Also referred to as Goal/Goal or, in some cases, Goal-No Goal, Both Teams To Score is one of the most exciting football betting markets you can play in Malaysia. It essentially focuses on the capacity of the two teams involved in a football match to score or defend, as the case may be. This is vital because, unlike many other sports, the goal margins in most football games are usually very small. Numerous bookmakers offer the BTTS feature under various names and provide additional perks, but the operating principle remains unchanged.


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What Is The Both Teams To Score Betting Market And How Does It Work?

In its purest form, BTTS is a football betting market where punters win once both teams in the match score at least one goal each. So far, the two teams find the back of the net at least once, during normal match time (any goals scored after the normal 90 minutes plus injury time is disregarded), BTTS requirements are fulfilled, and you win your bet, regardless of which team wins the game in the end. Both Teams To Score is a favorite in betting circles because it improves on the normal limitations of football betting and gives the bettor a higher chance of winning their stake. It’s particularly exciting because Football, by its very nature, is a fluid game, and a simple substitution or even a change in playing tactics can turn the tide of the game drastically. BTTS helps punters capitalize on this element of unpredictability and win big, regardless of how the match ultimately ends. However, it is imperative you know a few things first before betting on this market.

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BTTS Rules To Remember

Every bookie that offers the Both Teams To Score football betting option will have rules and guidelines unique to the service that they provide. However, they all share one principle; for you to win any BTTS bet, both teams must score and concede goals, whether in a draw or a win or lose situation. For emphasis, goals scored in extra time or penalties after the normal match time of 90 minutes and any injury time allotted do not count towards your winning this bet.

How to Win Both Teams To Score Football Betting Easily

As with almost everything in football betting, you must do your homework and get your facts and figures about each team straight beforehand. Considering the following factors might help you do this more efficiently.

The Preferred Match Tactics of Each Team
What playing tactics does each team favor generally?
What tactics are they starting this particular match with?

If you see one team opening a game with a 5-4-1 formation, you know instinctively that they are more interested in defending their net than they are in chasing goals. On the other hand, if you spot a 4-3-3 formation, it’s clear that this team will be looking to create as many scoring chances as they possibly can.

Follow Latest Team Information

Will there be any crucial First Eleven absentees in the game? Are there injuries or suspensions that might influence team play strongly on either side? Acquaint yourself with the necessary details here.

Home And Away Performance Stats For Each Team

Even though it technically shouldn’t be an influencing factor, it’s been observed repeatedly that teams tend to do differently when playing at home versus away.

How do both teams perform in this case?
Where is the match you’re betting on being played?

Your answers to these questions will be crucial to whether you place the right BTTS bet.


Mindset and morale change rather significantly when playing for a title than a regular league/tournament game. The competition is fiercer, and this affects how many goals you’re likely to see.

The Fitness And Form Of Strikers

The most crucial element to your winning a Both Teams To Score bet is the current form of the strikers on both teams. If they’re in top shape, you can expect to see a lot of goals. Another element to also consider is the clean sheet record of the goalie on either side. Ultimately, you can profit a lot with BTTS. You could even up the ante and pick a winner after both teams score, so you earn more! It all depends on how well you’re able to interpret the data available to you.