Will There Be International Fans In UEFA Euro 2020 Stadiums?

Live Fans In UEFA Euro 2020 Stadiums

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In light of the aftermath of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, no one will contest the fact that the world at large has been through quite the ordeal. What’s more, the effects of the pandemic continue to be felt, even more than a full year after the first case was announced. Like many other industries, the world of football has keenly felt the impact of the pandemic, with serious questions looming over how Euro 2020 stadiums will look for the tournament this year.

Initially set to hold in 2020, the UEFA European Championship EURO 2020 had to be extensively delayed as the world was dealing with a major health crisis at the time. Now, even though things have subsided to an extent, there’s still quite rightly serious speculation over whether Euro 2020 stadiums will be holding fans at capacity. In light of so much uncertainty, we’ll be discussing the latest on the decision regarding filling Euro 2020 stadiums and the road forward from there.

The Facts – Has Any Country Been Denied Hosting Privileges?

You will recall that the original plan UEFA had was that stadiums from about 12 countries would be used for this event. However, considering the serious level of uncertainty at the moment, there has been speculation that a few of these countries will have to be temporarily retired. However, as of this very moment, there has been no official declaration by Football Association officials that any country has been dropped from the list. While they have fully established that come what may, at least some fans will be allowed into stadiums for the games, FA has largely left the details of how this will happen to the host countries so far.

Where Does England Stand?

In the revised scheme of things, it has been confirmed that Wembley Stadium entirely remains one of the Euro 2020 stadiums used in this tournament. Despite the slightly worrying number of new incidents recorded, there have been reports that the government remains fully dedicated to remaining one of the grounds used for the games. What’s more, it is believed that the Wembley Stadium is being equipped to cover any slack in the event that one or more host countries have to pull back. So, while officially, seven matches are to be played here, most notable of which would be the semi-finals and even the Euro 2020 final, this stadium is ready to host even more matches.

Where Does This Leave Hampden Park And Aviva As Euro 2020 Stadiums

With England’s position in terms of hosting matches all but secure, the Republic of Ireland and Scotland have to ensure that they’re both in the best position to host the total of eight games to be played within Hampden Park and Aviva Stadium. For now, both countries have signaled their readiness though there is some debate as to just how many fans will be entering these stadiums for each match.

What To Remember

There is no doubt that fans all over the world are rejoicing at the fact that the Euro 2020 games will be kicking off soon. However, reports show that nearly 30 million fans have shown their interest in getting tickets through applications so far. This is a record-breaking number, and it remains to be seen whether the Euro 2020 stadiums that will be used for the tournament will be able to rise to the challenge.

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