Top Players To Watch This UEFA Euro 2020

Top Players In UEFA Euro 2020

Top Players In UEFA Euro 2020 Blog Featured ImageTop Players In UEFA Euro 2020 Blog

The Eurogames are so close now; you can count the number of days left till it begins on the one hand. But, on the other hand, while watching the tournament to see which squad comes out as Euro 2020 winners are definitely at the forefront of our minds, many people will also see how individual players distinguish themselves.

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To a greater or lesser extent, we’ve come to know what we can expect from the likes of Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, Belgium’s Eden Michael Hazard, and France’s Paul Labile Pogba. However, this tournament will likely be an essential herald for the great players of the next generation as well. It isn’t uncommon for young sensations to identify themselves as talents to watch out for through these games. Having said this, who are the top youngsters to keep a unique eye out for this go around? Here are a few we’re confident you’ll be happy to keep tabs on when the Euro 2020 match schedule begins to roll.

German Kai Havertz In Euro 2020

Germany isn’t new to the world of presenting exemplary players. But, from all indications, Chelsea’s Kai Havertz is almost sure to join the ranks of Gerd Muller and Lothar Matthaus in the halls of fame. While it has taken this attacking striker a while to find his balance playing after transferring from his former club, Bayer Leverkusen, this rising talent has started to perform according to expectation, adding a barrage of goals and assists to his name in Chelsea. Germany will be looking to make the most of his skill, and we look forward to what he can do at the national level.

Spaniard Ferran Torres Garcia In Euro 2020

In football, if there’s one thing that matters more than skill, it is consistency, which this youngster has to spare. His sterling record at Manchester City is an ample testament to this fact. Every time his coach called on him to take the pitch, he has rewarded that faith with clinical action and delivery, even scoring a hat-trick against Newcastle United in a recent Premier League game. As he will probably feature heavily in Spain’s campaign this time around, you are sure to enjoy seeing him give his best.

Swede Alexander Isak In Euro 2020

One name resonating in La Liga right now is that of the Swedish player Alexander Isak. Contributing a commendable 16 goals to his team, Real Sociedad, no one can deny that this 21-year old was critical to ensuring the decent standing of the squad in the league tables. Following the footsteps of the iconic Zlatan Ibrahimovic, this starlet is sure to dazzle in the Euro ’20 games.

Belgian Jeremy Doku In Euro 2020

Last on the list is the Belgian sensation Jeremy Doku. As one of the youngest players, this teenager receives a staggering amount of attention in the continent right now. As a prolific winger with four goals and seven assists under his belt for Stade Rennais FC in the highly competitive French Ligue 1, he is one player that will be looking to etch his name in the footnotes of the UEFA Euro tournament.

Each of these players combines entertainment and results in a well that defies proper description, and they’ll be sure to wow you when they step into their respective UEFA Euro 2020 stadiums. For more info, follow all Euro 2020 51 matches at Sbotop.