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Top Picks For Sports Betting: Why Boxing Stands Out

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Boxing and betting have gone hand-in-hand for decades. And, if anything, that partnership has only grown more robust and more lucrative. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best sports you can bet on in this day and age. If you’re looking to take some action on the next big fight, you’re certainly making a great decision! However, before you do so, it might be helpful to know a thing or two about this illustrious franchise first.

The Best Way To Bet On a Boxing Match

The outlets you can bet on boxing continue to evolve, but the exercise itself remains the same. So, to make the most of your money when you bet here, the trick is to search for good value constantly. When you have that under the belt, you can then discover the different types of boxing bets that you can take. These include:

Taking Moneyline Boxing Bets

It is the simplest form of boxing betting you can get out there. You have to choose one boxer to win the encounter, nothing more. You can leverage any number of online calculators to help you determine how much you stand to gain when you bet based on the odds offered.

The Method Of Victory Betting Style

It is considered an improvement on the above betting type as it takes things one step further. When you use this boxing betting style, you don’t want to wager on which boxer will win but also how they will achieve this feat. Method of Victory betting is a favorite of many punters because it allows you to make more money when you make accurate predictions.

Total Rounds Betting Style

It is a variation of the Over/Under betting style observed in soccer. Here, you take action with your bookie that the upcoming fight will not last beyond a particular number of rounds or that it will exceed that. So, let’s assume that your bookie offers the total number of rounds for Boxer A vs. Boxer B at 10.0 games. It would translate to that if the fight ended before the start of the 10th round, an Under bet wins. However, if the war lasts beyond the 10th round, it’s an Over bet that wins.

The Round Betting Style

Another improvisation on Moneyline betting, this style ups the ante even further. Here, you not only bet on who wins the bout, but you also place a wager on which round the winner will seal the fight. Choose the right sportsbook to place those bets. Some of the things you need to consider here include but aren’t limited to the chance offers they give, bonuses, their user interface, and payment methods. Some other factors you should also consider include customer service and support.