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Esports Betting Strategies

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Esports is one of the fastest-growing sports industries, with more players, sponsors, leagues, tournaments, and games launched each season. Each year, more money flows into Esports gaming in the form of sponsorships and tournament prizes, with the top tournament winners netting millions of dollars in winnings. The growth of Esports gaming globally and the competitive nature of Esports events made it a perfect fit for the sports betting market. Today, millions of punters make wagers on their favorite teams, games, and Esports events.

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Strategies For Esports Betting

Some popular Esports betting strategies include wagers based on Esports games, bets on different betting markets, crypto Esports betting, automated and in-game wagers, and parlay and Acca wagers.

1. Wagers Based On Types Of Games

Esports bettors can make different types of Esports wagers based on the kind of Esports game. Some games, such as DOTA, CS: GO, FIFA, etc., involve one team playing against another in a head-to-head format. The odds are usually listed in a 1×2 form. Other games, such as PUBG, involve several teams participating in a single map. In the latter format, it’s generally harder to predict the outcome of each game, but the result of the tournament may be more predictable based on the strongest performing teams. Leagues, for example, have several teams playing across several games in a season. For a season-type tournament wagering to pay off, a punter may need to accurately predict which team will win from among 10, 20, or even 50+ units. However, the payoff for league predictions is much higher versus individual wagers on Esports games.

2. Wagers On Betting Markets

Punters gain access to multiple Esports betting markets for popular games and sports. However, punters may not have access to many Esports betting markets for non-mainstream competitions. And the providers that provide access to non-mainstream games, leagues, and tournaments may not accurately price such wagers. Mispriced wagers often present a value betting situation for punters. Some of the different Esports betting markets punters have access to include wagers on teams to win, winners of rounds, most kills, most assists, most significant damage, most team kill, most chicken dinners (PUBG), and so on.

3. Crypto Esports Betting

Crypto holders, investors, and bettors can make wagers using crypto assets and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. With the increasing adoption of bitcoin, more punters opt for making crypto wagers each year. More importantly, the crypto and Esports betting markets tend to overlap. Apart from crypto wagers, punters also make Esports wagers using credit or debit cards, bank transfers, wallet transfers, online payment systems (Paypal, Skrill, Transferwise, etc.).

4. Automated And In-Game Wagers

Punters can make automated Esports wagers before starting a game based on different odds provided by various betting sportsbooks. Automatic bets give punters the ability to set a chance at a particular time and place without the need to recheck or replace a wager closer to the matchday. Punters can place in-game wagers based on the odds for various betting markets after starting an Esports game or tournament. In-game wagers give punters the ability to set a chance based on a team’s performance after an Esports game has begun. The trade-off between an in-game bet and an automated wager is the odds for a pre-game wager may be higher than an in-game wager.

5. Parlay And Accumulator Wagers

Esports punters can make accumulator, parlay, and combination wagers on esports. Acca, parlays, and combo bets have the highest payouts for accurate prediction among Esports betting markets. A punter can make a parlay wager on two or more different games within the same Esport tournament or betting event. Punters also can make  mix parlay wagers involving two or more bets on two or more different types of sports. Accumulator and combination wagers are similar types of wagers involving a series of wagers in different Esports tournaments, games, and leagues worldwide. Combo and Acca wagers can last up to 10 and, in some cases, more than 15 games, with each wager compounding on the next one. These are the types of wagers that can make a 1 pound wager turn into a million pounds. On a long accumulator wager, a punter has a lower probability of winning a very high payout.

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