Proven BTTS Sports Betting Strategies For 2022
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2022 Proven BTTS Sports Betting Strategies

2022 Proven BTTS Sports Betting Strategies blog featured image2022 Proven BTTS Sports Betting Strategies blog

It’s been a long year, and so much has happened everywhere, and the betting industry is no exception. As the year ends, lovers of the BTTS market will likely be taking notes of how they performed so far and, more importantly, how they can boost their strike rate in the future. In light of this, we’ll be looking at some of the most effective BTTS betting strategies of 2022 so far! Enjoy!

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Proper Bankroll Management

Many pro bettors will tell you that even if you don’t do the other aspects of your betting session right, if you have a solid bankroll management plan, you’ll outlast even the luckiest bettors. The importance of a reliable bankroll plan can never be overstated, especially when it comes to BTTS. The reason for this is simple. As most games in sports depend on teams scoring, BTTS in any form is a relatively safe bet to place. As such, it isn’t too difficult for bettors to get lured into a false sense of security here and wager more than they should. They lose it all and rebuild from scratch if the game doesn’t come through. Effective bankroll management is perhaps the only accurate tool to prevent that from happening to any punter.

Carry Out Thorough Research

Next to not having a clear bankroll plan, another pitfall that many bettors couldn’t evade this year was that they went in without getting the information necessary to make informed decisions. Even when you plan to play BTTS in live games, you should never underestimate the potential of background information, as it can help you spot things that would’ve flown under your radar otherwise. Be as detailed as you possibly can. To that end, it helps to prepare a comprehensive table with columns covering the average number of goals that each team in a tournament has scored home and away. That way, you’ll be able to see right in front of you which groups have been most active in front of the goal. Once you find out why this is so, account for the presence or absence of that variable and only then place your bets.

Prioritize Head-to-Head Stats

Every sports event is indeed independent of the last. As such, you can’t reasonably expect to use the outcome of one event to predict the result of another. That being said, when you pay close attention to the head-to-head results of the teams you plan to bet on, you may see a pattern begin to emerge. Once you start to get a whiff of a trend, dig deeper to confirm whether what you’re observing is indeed a pattern or a random fluke. Granted, this takes a lot of effort. But, in the end, remember that even when you hit the mark with BTTS betting, most times, the bets don’t have real value. However, with strategies like this, you don’t just set yourself up for a win, but you might get a deal with it as well!