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Roulette Betting 101 – Reverse Martingale Betting System In Roulette

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The Martingale System is regarded as one of the oldest systems you can bet within roulette. However, as many bettors quickly realized, it was not without flaws. Several systems have been developed to compensate for this lack, and the Reverse Martingale is one of them. Also commonly known as the Paroli, this betting system is a progressive betting strategy that requires you to raise your bets only after certain circumstances have been met.

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Understanding The Paroli System

From the name of this strategy, it’s relatively easy to deduce how it works. The Martingale System has a bettor raising their wager after each loss; the Reverse Martingale System encourages punters to increase their stake after each win. When using the Reverse Martingale, you start by making the lowest bet you can at the table, and you repeat this action every time your wager ends in a loss. However, the moment you get a win, things change. In this case, the next wager you place will be double that of your last stake. You repeat this again and again until you lose. At this point, you immediately go back to betting the lowest sum possible. Employing the numerous features of this betting strategy has several advantages and disadvantages, some of which we’ll be going into now.

Pros Of The Reverse Martingale System

The most significant benefit of using the Paroli is that you guarantee that you can’t lose much at once. What’s more, the losing streaks that inevitably come with roulette betting won’t bother you too much as well. What’s more, it positions you perfectly to capitalize on winning streaks. In addition to this, the Reverse Martingale helps you use house money to bet against the house as you only double your wagers after a win. Not only is it safe and straightforward, but this betting strategy can also keep you in the game.

Cons Of The Reverse Martingale System

Before implementing it, you should be well aware that this betting strategy is not without its shortcomings. To start with, when using this particular betting system, you need to prepare yourself for a lot of losses. What’s more, you should realize here that the odds aren’t exactly in your favor, especially if you’re hoping to try out the system in American Roulette. However, what we consider the most significant drawback of using the Paroli is that all it takes is one inopportune loss to wipe out all the earnings it took you so long to accrue.

Is Using The Paroli In Roulette Worth It?

Depending on your goals and motivations, maybe. The Reverse Martingale System is definitely for you if you want fun while playing. However, if you wish to your bankroll and get more experience as a bettor, we’d advise you not to try this strategy. But don’t lose hope. You can get tested and trusted tactics to help you beat the house in roulette. All you have to do is check here!

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