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The Zig Zag Slot System

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In slot games, just like other forms of gambling, it’s an eternal battle between the house and the player. The casino is a business that needs to turn a profit like any other enterprise. The player, on his part, needs to win too. That’s why the invention and implementation of slot game systems is an everyday endeavor. Players must always try to figure out ways to increase their chances of winning slot games and cutting down losses. Thankfully, from a player’s perspective, several slot gaming pros have spent countless hours crafting strategies. John Patrick is one of those much-heralded experts. In his book, Slots, Patrick discusses a slot games system he refers to as the Zig Zag Slot System. This system is supposed to increase the probability of winning on a slot game machine.

The Mechanics Of a Slot Machine

Slot games are among the simplest games in any casino, whether online or land-based. Land-based machines, whimsically referred to as one-armed bandits, were as manual as possible. They involved pulling a level, which would trigger a set of reels to start spinning. The reels had symbols on them. Getting these symbols to match up on a horizontal line would result in a win. Generally, the more the number of matched characters, the better the payout, but sure, prestigious symbols paid out more than others.

The only difference between the one-armed bandit and modern online slots is that computers and computer software have replaced those rusty machines. Rather than pulling a squeaky lever, all the modern slots players must press a key or click a mouse. The reels will spin, displaying much more attractive graphics and playing fantastic surround sound. Success or failure is by an RNG, a program that generates a series of random numbers. If the symbols match up, you win.

Zig Zag Slot System

A player’s success or failure in slot games depends on how lucky or unlucky a player is. Nonetheless, that has not deterred experts from trying to come up with ways of beating the slot machine and raking in the profits. Patrick’s Zig Zag Slot System is a way to determine:

  • When to play on a machine.
  • Which machine to play on when there are many, such as in a gambling hall?

By picking the right time to play, or the suitable machine asserts Patrick, a player increases their chances of winning slot games. Let’s get to the basics of how his slot games system works.

The Zig Zag Slot System Helps Pinpoint a Machine That’s “Hot”

Before playing on any machine, the player must watch for symbols that repeat but do not match the horizontal line. If characters form specific patterns, the device is hot and likely to produce a hefty payday for the next player who plays.

  • The V-pattern. On a three-reel machine, this means that the first and three reels show the same symbol on the horizontal line, with reel two having the same sign but just below the line.
  • The diagonal pattern. Here, the screen shows matching symbols in a perfect diagonal from the bottom right of the screen to the top left or from the bottom left to the top right.
  • The diamond pattern. Here, you have reels one and three showing the same symbol on the horizontal line, and the emblem again appearing reel two twice – just above the line and just below. According to Patrick, the result is a diamond configuration that is a powerful indicator that colossal success is imminent.
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