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The Straight 60 Slots System

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Slots games belong to a category of casino games referred to as games of chance. The other type, of course, is games of skill; as the name suggests, a player should have agility and be able to apply specific strategies to win. Good examples of skill-based casino games include poker, blackjack, and craps. The other category is chance-based games. The outcomes from these games are purely random, meaning there’s nothing a player can do to influence their success or lack thereof. Such games are by luck. Slot games and roulette are two examples.

Slot Games – The General Concept

Slot Games are the simplest casino games you can play today. This simplicity makes it a popular choice among gamblers from all walks of life. People love to play the slots. Once you put your money in and pull the lever, it’s out of your hands. The reels will spin and stop where they’ll stop. In a matter of seconds, you are a happy winner or an unlucky soul that should try next time. Things have changed quite a bit, of course, with the advent of online games. It’s no longer the pull of a lever as the nonchalant button pressing or the click of a mouse. The graphics, sounds, and themes are miles better on computers now compared to what those old, creaky, one-armed bandits used to offer. Still, though, the appeal of slot games has never waned.

On March 21, 2003, a software engineer, at the age of 25, took home a cool $40 million after wagering $100 at a slot machine in Las Vegas. Like that young guy, playing the slots is your forte if you’re a genuinely lucky person. To have success at slot games, all said and done, requires sound financial management. It’s impossible to predict Lady Luck’s temperament at any one time so the least one can do is ensure stringent control of their bankroll.

Straight 60 Slots System

Money management in slot game gambling is where the Straight 60 Slots System comes in. It is one of the strategies in John Patrick’s book in which he teaches how to be more successful at slot games. The central concept is to have a 60% win goal and a 60% stop loss limit. It means that you must stop playing immediately. You lose 60% of your starting bankroll. You do likewise if you win 60% of your starting bankroll. If you start with $100, quit when you have made $60, or lost $60. Here are two ways this system can help you:

1. To Protect a Profit

Playing slot games is a high-adrenaline affair in any circumstance, especially when things are going well. If Lady Luck smiles on you and several wins pour in, the temptation is to keep playing – even beyond curfew hours! All winning streaks end, so it may lose a nice profit in the greedy folly of trying to win more and more. The Straight 60 Slots System ensures that at least 60% profit ends up back in your pocket and that the day is a win.

2. To Stop Chasing Losses

Same as in the winning streak situation above, players on a losing streak continue in an attempt to recoup the money. It’s called chasing losses and is often a wrong move in any gambling. Rather than recovery, it often leads to more losses and financial distress among players with poor financial management. The Straight 60 Slots System ensures that at least 40% of your capital outlay can be saved and reinvested on another day when Lady Luck may be more willing.