Baccarat Betting 101 – The Player Bet
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Baccarat Betting Guide – The Player Bet

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Baccarat betting is a fun and exhilarating way to make lots of money. But like with most things, it does come with a catch; you don’t get a variety of options to choose from in this betting industry. While this may not be ideal, there’s an easy way for you to level out the playing field. To leverage it, all that’s required of you is to have a deeper understanding of what options you do have. That way, you can use them to your most full advantage.

The Betting Options You Have In Baccarat

When playing baccarat, some of the wagers you can place include the banker pair, the tie, and the player pairs. But if you want to have a chance to win this game, the only two bets you should ever genuinely consider are the player bet and the banker bet. We covered the details of the banker bet in a previous post, and you can read about it here. So now, we’ll be focusing on the player bet. Here’s everything you have to know about this profitable baccarat betting option.

The Player Bet

The first and most important thing to know about any betting option is the house edge you’re up against with it. When you’re playing with an entire shoe that’s composed of 8 decks, the player bet gets you about 1.24% house edge. On the other hand, the banker bet gets you a 1.06% house edge. It’s for this reason that at the start of any baccarat game, most bettors place a banker bet before eventually switching to a player bet further down the road. Following this strategy is the most efficient way to minimize the impact of the house edge on your games.

How To Switch From Banker Bets To Player Bets

The more proficient you become at baccarat, the clearer you’ll see the need to develop your idea of the best time to make a switch. But pending that time, the most efficient way to make a switch is to employ a simple form of card-counting. Here are some systems you can use;

  • In situations where aces through fours are dealt, you should automatically note that the tide no longer favors banker bets and is leaning more towards player bets for more value.
  • In the same vein, when fives through eights are being dealt, the value you get on player bets decreases drastically, making banker bets a more prudent option.

Is Playing Baccarat Worth it?

Considering the hassle that seems to come with making player bets, what with switching and whatnot, you might be wondering if baccarat is right for you. The short answer is yes, it is. You won’t find any other casino games with lower house edges where you won’t need a higher level of skill, knowledge, and effort to play and win!

So, hang in there for a little longer. With the guidance you find on our blog, and a little time, you’re sure to become a pro soon!