What Is a Mathematical Method For Placing a Successful Football Bet?
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Mastering The Mathematical Method For Winning Football Bets

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Betting systems and strategies are as old as time. They were popular then and remain that way even now because bettors will always look for the surest way to score a win. While this is only rational, it has led to adopting strategies that have emptied the bankroll of numerous punters in the past. In time, bettors developed seemingly more concrete betting strategies to eliminate or reduce the random nature of betting. It was essentially the birth of applying mathematical methods to betting in football. Here, we will be discussing some of the more prominent ways thought to work here and how to use them. Without further ado, here are some mathematical sports betting techniques you can employ to increase your betting success today!

Using The Proportional Betting System

Proportional betting can help you increase your winnings exponentially while keeping your losses at a minimum. As a betting strategy, it is efficient because of the high level of bankroll management that you need to make it work. The idea here is to fix a certain percentage to your bankroll and bet with just that. You only revise this figure upwards after you have won a bet. You increase it at the same rate.

Using The Martingale System

A betting system that is several hundred years old, with this system, you are expected to double your next stake after taking a loss. The idea behind this is that the increased wager will help you cover the loss of the bet that you placed prior. While this strategy is bulletproof in theory, the real-life application is complex because of the level of demand on a bettor’s bankroll. In addition to having considerable funds for betting (which most bettors don’t), there is also the problem of the betting limit that many sportsbooks impose. It means that even if you have the funds, you might not be able to bet the amount you need to recover all you’ve lost at a certain point.

Using Fix Profit Betting Strategy

Fixed profit betting is one of the more straightforward and uncomplicated mathematical sports betting systems that you can try out. It requires that a punter increases their net profit by a certain amount after each consecutive bet. The benefit is that your bankroll is safe to an extent, and you won’t lose everything suddenly.

The formula is Profit (Odds on the Outcome – 1).

To use this strategy effectively, a bettor must fix a 3 – 5% yield of their entire bankroll. The system develops gaping defects in the absence of this. Ultimately, you should know that betting strategies are not magic techniques that ensure winning at every turn. As such, you’ll always need to adjust them to make sure that they fit your bankroll and betting style.