Split Martingale & Anti Martingale Sports Betting System
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Exploring Split Martingale And Anti Martingale Sports Betting Systems

Exploring Split Martingale And Anti Martingale Blog Featured ImageExploring Split Martingale And Anti Martingale Blog

Sports betting is a highly competitive space for bettors. Even a seemingly simple event can have so many variables you need to consider; you need help making possible best bets. It is where sports betting strategies come into the picture. Betting systems like the split martingale and the anti martingale have become very popular because many bettors have benefited significantly. But what exactly do these strategies have to offer? Are they suitable for you? We’ll be helping you answer all these questions and more right here!

Understanding The Split Martingale And The Anti Martingale System

First, keep in mind that these strategies are variations of the more popular betting strategy; the martingale system. In a nutshell, the martingale requires that you double down after you suffer a loss. These two systems modify this founding rule slightly. Let’s look at how they do so.

The Anti Martingale Sports Betting Strategy

Also called the reverse martingale, this betting strategy encourages you to double your bet after each win. Unlike the classic martingale, this betting system focuses less on helping you recover what you’ve lost and making the most out of a winning streak. When a bet is lost using this system, it stays the same for the following sports event.

The Split Martingale Sports Betting Strategy

Also referred to as the Labouchere betting system, applying this system to sports betting can be tricky. It requires practice to master because this betting system demands a clear idea of how much you want to win from a series of games first. When you have done this, the next thing on your to-do list is preparing a simple sequence of numbers. Next, you add the first and last number on that list, which will be the value of the bet you place. If the wager wins, you strike out these two numbers and repeat the process with the remaining numbers in your sequence. However, if it loses, you have to add the value of the bet you lost to your line before rinsing and repeating the process. The beauty of this betting system is that it allows you to hit your target even before you’ve run through the sequence of numbers.

Pros of Using These Two Systems

The first and perhaps most important perk of using this betting strategy is that it’s more difficult for you to lose lots of money in a short time frame. Also, it prevents you from building the vast losses that often come with the martingale system.

Cons of Using These Systems

Use these strategies with caution because they don’t help you influence the odds of a sports event. Also, a sudden loss can seriously deplete your bankroll.


These aren’t the best strategies to employ if you’re serious about making money in sports betting. However, they’re ideal if you want to have a good time and bet on your favorite games with leisure.