Effective Dragon Tiger Betting Strategies
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Dragon Tiger Betting Strategies

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Dragon Tiger is a popular casino game that shares similar characteristics to other casino games such as baccarat. The game is played between two ancient Chinese animals, i.e., the dragon and the tiger. Both creatures battle to defeat the other represented in a classic casino game called dragon tiger. Dragon Tiger is one of the most accessible betting markets to make money without playing and making a wager on either the dragon or the tiger. If the punter feels the tiger will have a higher card and total points at the end of the round, the punter can place a wager on the tiger to win. Alternatively, if the punter feels the dragon has a higher probability of winning the following round, the punter can place a wager on the dragon.

Dragon Tiger Strategies

Some of the key Dragon Tiger strategies professional punters include making a wager on one out of three outcomes, a chance on big or small, odd or even gamble on the suit, and other types of betting markets.

1. Win, Loss Or Draw

A wager on dragon tiger is a three-outcome betting market and not only two outcomes. The game can end with either the dragon or the tiger winning or ending in a draw. The chances of a tiger or a dragon winning are above 46%, with a payout of 1x on an accurate prediction. A wager ends in a draw result if the dragon and the tiger draw the same cards or the same points. While the probability of a draw is slimmer than one animal beating the other, a punter still has a possibility of over 7% of a game drawing. A punter stands to win eight times the amount wagered for an accurate prediction on a draw outcome.

Apart from regular wagers on draws, punters can make more specific wagers on the draw betting market in dragon tiger. For example, a punter can make a wager on a suited tie. A suited tie wager on a draw result, with the tiger and dragon, getting the same cards. The probability of an appropriate association paying off depends on the number of decks utilized in a dragon tiger game. The likelihood of winning a suited tie is marginally over 1%, while the payout is 50x the amount wagered.

2. Big Or Small

Similar to wagers in roulette and Sic bo, punters can make wagers on big or small betting markets in dragon tiger. A punter makes a bet on the big market if they feel the card of the tiger or dragon is more than 7. Alternatively, a punter makes a bet on small if they think the dragon’s card or the tiger is less than 7. Any total of 7 will result in a lost chance since the number 7 is part of the house edge.

3. Odd Or Even

A punter can make a wager on odd or even in dragon tiger. However, not all casino providers give punters the option to make wagers on the odd and even betting market. The weird and even market odds are similar to stakes on the big or small number in tiger dragon. A punter has an equal probability of winning a bizarre or actual outcome.

4. Wager On a Suit

A punter can place a wager on the winning card of either the tiger or the dragon. Essentially, a punter can chance that the winning card will be hearts, spades, diamonds, or clubs. The probability of winning a wager on suits is marginally under 25%, while the payout on a real bet is 3x the amount wagered.

5. Other Types Of Wagers

Punters utilize betting strategies such as making wagers in non-mainstream betting markets in tiger drag. Some of the other types of betting markets include making wagers on both cards, red or black cards, and a chance on one card red and the other card black. Punters are advised to get familiar with the basic bet types and Dragon Tiger strategies before moving to more complicated betting markets in dragon tiger wagers.