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Punters have extensive betting options with online casino establishments. Punters can place wagers while playing slot games, poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and other types of casino games. Keno is a popular casino game that emerged from Asia and gained popularity in the last two centuries across the globe. Keno is like bingo and the lottery, making it a popular betting option among existing betting audiences.

How To Play Keno?

A punter needs to select between 0 and 20 numbers from a list of 0 to 80. Some casinos and online providers increase the list of numbers to 100 or above. Multiple players can play the game at the same time. After selecting a list of numbers, 20 numbers from the exact numbers are drawn, similar to a lottery-based and bingo-based system.

Keno Betting Strategies

Some essential keno betting strategies include understanding odds and probabilities, conditions for high payouts, the ability to cover losses, utilizing online bonuses and promotions, and experience when to use methods based on luck versus strategies based on skill.

1. Odds And Probability

Punters have different odds based on the number of hits the player receives on the keno lottery ticket. Generally, the higher the number of hits, the higher the payout. The best option for a conservative punter playing Keno is to select between four and eight digits for a higher probability of winning a decent payout. The probability of hitting 0, 1, and 2 is the least among eight hits, along with the highest payout. As the number increases from 5 and above, the probability of receiving an accurate hit decreases, with the payout increasing drastically.

2. Highest Payout

A low wager can result in a very high payout in certain rare cases. While it’s almost impossible for a punter to get all 20 numbers correct, a punter can expect to receive a hefty payout for getting at least 17, 18, or 19 numbers right, which is also very hard to do. For context, a $10 wager can result in a profit of hundreds of millions. The probability of occurring is also one in several hundred million.

3. Covering Losses

A punter needs to hit at least half of those numbers for a wager not to result in losses for any number selected. Suppose a punter picks six numbers; at least three need to hit for the bet to lose. If a punter gets six hits out of 6 digits, then the punter receives the entire profits. This feature enables punters to cover their losses if they were close to their prediction but missed out narrowly. If a punter can accurately select a few numbers and gets a hit on all those numbers, the punter can expect to receive a total payout for the wager made. However, hitting all numbers is generally complex, and the more numbers in a selection, the harder it is to get all of them correct.

4. Online Bonuses

Punters can claim bonuses, promotions, and other incentives when playing Keno online versus playing Keno at land-based casinos. Moreover, since the start of the COVID-19, the number of casino goers has been steadily dropping. At the same time, some people choosing to play online casino games and online betting has increased and continues to increase as more people decide to make wagers online. It includes popular casino games such as Keno.

5. Luck Versus Skill

Some casino games involve a degree of luck, some involve a high degree of skill, and others involve both. Keno is a game that leans heavily towards an individual’s fate because the game is based on a lottery system. So irrespective of the numbers a punter picks, they do not influence the numbers selected in the draw. Some punters who favor skill and skill-based games such as poker may not make high wagers in games such as Keno.

In games of luck, choosing a strategy such as selecting all odd numbers or all even numbers in a selection is harder to hit versus picking random numbers. Choosing the wrong approach could be more costly than choosing no strategy at all.