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If there’s one thing a lot of punters consider as a drawback when it comes to betting in Football, it’s that draws are a likelier occurrence than anyone would reasonably expect. For example, on average, more than 1 in 5 soccer matches end in a tie! Is there any way to protect yourself effectively against a draw?

How Does The Tactic Work?

What are the relevant things to note here?

The more creative you can get with placing your bets in Football, the higher your chances of increasing your bankroll substantially over time. But for you to do this effectively, you need access to legit and verified data.

The Betting Tips Video Series does this for you by bringing you the most relevant tidbits of Football betting tactics you can incorporate into your wagering style to improve its efficacy. All you need to do to get unfettered access to this information is Subscribe to this channel and make sure that you see our new videos as they are posted by setting up notifications that update you on each new release.

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Perhaps the best way to describe Asian Handicap betting is as a very efficient and somewhat less risky form of spread betting. Therefore, the more accurate your predictions are in the Asian Handicap betting market, the more you stand a chance of winning.

As I mentioned earlier, the biggest perk of Asian Handicap protects you from the loss that’s typical with games that end in a draw. It is how it does that in a nutshell. When you place an Asian Handicap bet, you focus squarely on the underdog and try to increase their chances of beating the favorites because that’s usually where the money’s at in Football betting. Assume that Chelsea and Watford have a match at Stamford Bridge. All things being equal, and considering Chelsea’s home advantage, we can designate Chelsea as the favorites and Watford as the underdog in this case.

To increase the chances of Watford winning this game, at least by betting standards, you then award them a “goal or goals,” even before the match has started. So, in this case, let’s say you pick 0.5.

It means that before the players take the pitch, Chelsea has a goal deficit of 0.5, and Watford is leading by 0.5, as far as your bookmaker is concerned. By inference, if Chelsea ends up scoring one goal and Watford returns the goal late in the second half, in reality, the scoreline would read Chelsea 1 – 1 Watford. However, with your bookmaker, it’ll be Chelsea 1 – 1.5 Watford, which effectively means you win the game, even though it was technically a tie!

Typically, the wider the perceived gap in skill between the two teams meeting, the higher your bookmaker can let you make the goal margin! So, take the time to diligently study up on the two teams playing and place your Asian Handicap bet afterward, and you’re sure to be a winner! We’ll be revealing more on this in subsequent videos, so be sure to stay tuned!

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