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Unraveling the ‘Track Everything You Do’ Approach

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A good slot game player utilizes all strategies available to them to improve their chances of winning, and Track Everything You Do is one such strategy. The system is very elaborately and deliberately named, which means exactly that! It enables players to keep an accurate record of their actions, making it easier to appreciate strengths and spot areas of improvement. The situation is very different with casual or leisure gamblers. But for professional gamblers – those looking to make a career out of gambling – the Track Everything You Do is beneficial. For pro players, the hobby is very much a business. The Track Everything You Do offers the same benefits to a gambler as good bookkeeping provides for a business. Here are some things that the system helps a pro slot game player.

Online Casinos You’re Using

Players are lucky to live in an age with a buffet of options in terms of casinos. It means players are empowered to make the most favorable choices regarding the casinos that offer the most advantages for their gambling careers. Here are some of the features that vary among different online gambling providers:

  • Bonuses. Regarding giving prizes, some online casinos are more liberal than others. Additionally, a casino may be better at offering certain types of bonuses, e.g., welcome offers, than other types of bonuses, e.g., loyalty perks. Keeping track of the different casinos you use enables you to make good choices in terms of incentives.
  • Payout times. Online casinos have different schemes for paying out money after wins. Some take less time, while others may vex players with tons of red tape and paperwork before they can collect their winnings.
  • Design. Some online casinos take time to develop great gaming platforms with fast loading times and a more professional and enjoyable experience overall.

Keeping track of your online casinos allows you to compare these features so you can be more loyal to the ones more deserving of your patronage. Generally speaking, established, reputable online casinos like SBOTOP offer a better experience and reliability than newer providers.

The Slot Games You’re Playing

Slot Games, especially in these modern times, are not just one universal thing. Many providers are available, each with their slot game products. The overall feel for each game, in terms of the graphics, sounds, and themes, can be wildly different. More importantly, these games have varying %RTP – Return To Player percentages – and differing house edges. Additionally, there are different types of slot games in terms of variations. There are classic slots (three-reel), five-reel slots, 3D slots, multiple-pay line slots, and progressive slots. Each variant suits each player differently.

Keeping track of the slot games enables a player to know where you’re having success and where you’re not. You’ll be able to notice where you’re getting more fun and more bang for your buck and therefore prioritize those slot games.

Your Bankroll

Keeping track of bankroll is probably an essential thing a gambler can do. The most successful gamblers have learned to treat their gambling less like a hobby and a business. Set a strict amount of money aside to invest in your gambling adventure. For that specific gambling period, could you not add any more to it? For any session at the slot machine, have a sheet that notes your gains and losses.