Baccarat Betting 101 – Play With Fewer Decks
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Play With Fewer Decks In Baccarat

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Baccarat is considered one of those few casino card games with the best odds. It is all the more surprising because, on average, about eight decks of cards are used to play the game! But, even though the odds are considerably favorable enough as it is, part of your job as a bettor is to find ways to tip the scale in your favor further! Down that road, one of the best things you could do is look for shoes with smaller decks. How does this help? What do you stand to gain from taking the effort to find tables with fewer decks? Keep reading to find out!

Why You Should Find Tables With Fewer Decks

Before going into greater detail, it bears mentioning that one of the significant reasons you need to consider looking for this betting opportunity is the nature of the game. Baccarat doesn’t give you many options to choose from when betting. What’s more, there is very little you can do to influence the outcome of any game. Lastly, the game rules are so strict that watching for tables with fewer decks is one of the few ways you can influence the game’s odds.

The Influence Of The Number Of Card Decks On Baccarat Betting

Now that you know why looking for these betting opportunities favors you, it’s time to see how the process works exactly. Most online and land-based casinos will often stack a shoe with six decks or eight decks. Let’s look at how each of these instances can affect the outcome you get from the shoe.

The Baccarat Odds With 8 Decks

When placing bets with eight decks of cards, the odds of winning are at 45.86%, while that of the player is a little lesser at 44.62%. A tie bet will then account for about 9.52%. So, here, things are more or less even.

The Baccarat Odds With 6 Decks

In this instance, we see the odds of the banker winning jumping slightly to 45.87% and the odds of the player marching this with a similar 0.01% increase. Here, the odds of a tie bet fall to 9.51%.

Below 6 Decks

But if you can find a table with four decks, the odds of banker bets spike to 45.88%, while player bets still hold steady at 44.63%. The odds of a tie fall to 9.49% here as well. With just one deck, you get an impressive 45.96% odd with the banker while the player jumps to 44.68%. The chances of a tie also reduce drastically to 9.36%. That’s just how powerful the impact of the number of card decks in the shoe can be! It’s safe to say that your chances of winning or losing rise and fall with this variable. So, make sure you gauge this factor first before sitting at any table next time!