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New punters prefer playing slot games that are easier to understand, such as 3 reel slot games. However, professionals and avid slot gamers prefer playing 5 reel slot games over 3 reel slot games because of the perks and higher bonuses associated with more reels. Punters can play on 5 reels with multiple rows in online slots, giving the punter a better probability of winning more. More slot reels also help the gaming service add more features and benefits to existing slot games. However, not all 5 reel slot games are designed the same, with some fun and online casinos willing to give a higher payout than others.

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Features Of 5 Reel Slots On SBOTOP

Some of the key features of playing 5 reel slot on SBOTOP include multiple betting options, multiple slot games, access to wild symbols, global sponsorships, and more.

1. Multiple Betting Options

Apart from slot games, punters can access all SBOTOP betting features and games such as betting on arcade slot games, online table games (monopoly, blackjack, poker, baccarat, etc.), online scratch cards, and almost 100 different types of slot gaming options to choose from. Apart from slot and casino games, punters can also make wagers on football, cricket, tennis, rugby, hockey, baseball, football, Esports games, and more on SBOTOP. Punters have access to multiple betting options from various sports and leagues across the globe 24/7.

2. Slot Gaming Options

SBOTOP hosts games developed by top gaming developers such as Microgaming. The game’s punters gain access to an SBOTOP include Honey rush, Miami glow, All win FC, Rally 4 Riches, Super Sync, Wild Frames, the Fortunes of Ali Baba, Raging Rex, the rise of Olympus, Cash pump, the increase of Merlin and more. With over 100 games and multiple pay lines, punters always have slot gaming options with SBOTOP.

3. Wild Symbols

Wild symbols are special characters in online slot machine games that can effectively replace that position on the slot reel with any desired symbol. A wild symbol gives a slot gamer a better chance of winning a slot game bet since a wild symbol is highly flexible based on the player’s needs. Winning with wild symbols is part of the game and does not count as a free spin or an additional bonus outside the game.

4. Sponsorships

SBOTOP is a sponsor and gaming provider with a global reach. The company sponsors Leeds United and Westham United, two top English footballing sides playing in the Premier League. Supporting teams has helped SBOTOP reach a wider football betting audience, and the company intends to do the same with electronic gaming by sponsoring different gaming teams. Sponsoring global teams increases SBOTOP’s brand awareness and contributes directly to the income and profits of the business.

5. Gaming Rules

Punters need to adhere to gaming rules set out by each gaming provider. These rules dictate the conditions a bet is won or lost or the procedure to avoid a conflict (such as a canceled game, void bet, jackpot payout, minimum wager, etc.). For example, the minimum amount a punter can bet on a slot game is 0.10 Euros, allowing several punters to make a wager or try a particular online slot game. Another essential rule is punters can only create one account per gamer with the provider or face all bets being voided.

6. Other Bonuses

Punters gain access to more bonuses and features if the number of reels goes up. For example, a punter is more likely to win prizes such as wild symbols, free spins, or cash backs playing 5 reel slot games versus 3 reel slot games. Either of these features enables punters to win more and profit more than anticipated versus playing slot games without bonuses. In addition, a punter can practically make up for losses on a losing streak with a bit of luck on the bonus section.

7. Types Of Reel

Based on the prevailing law of each country, different countries permit different types of betting systems which have also given rise to different kinds of reels. Apart from multiple pay lines with other objects, numbers, and symbols, punters also have access to skill-based games designed with priority given to the gaming interface’s gamer experience. As the number of pay lines increases, so does the jackpot, payouts, animations, etc., and these features make the games more interesting. However, a punter must consider that the pay-in on the game increases when reels and bonuses increase.

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