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If amazing bonuses are the beauty of online casino games, then wagering requirements are undoubtedly the bane. People get into the online betting scene purely because of the outstanding bonuses that many betting sites offer. However, in most instances, there’s often more attached to these bonuses than people are usually immediately aware of where online casino wagering requirements and their effect on your betting experience come into the picture.


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What Are Casino Wagering Requirements?

In essence, a wagering requirement is the safety measure that most betting sites employ to ensure that they attract punters and protect their business at the same time. A wagering requirement is any betting benchmark or milestone you have to achieve before you can get access to any bonus promised by your betting platform. While wagering requirements are ultimately subject to the discretion of each online betting platform, the operating principle is always essentially the same.

To better understand casino wagering requirements and what it entails, it’s important to note that you have two account balances on an online betting site at any point in time. The first is your cash balance. There are usually no restrictions or embargoes on this balance, meaning that you have access to its content and can make a withdrawal whenever you feel like it. The second is your bonus balance, where the portion of your account is controlled by the statutes of the casino wagering requirements. As a result, if you don’t fulfill the terms of the requirements, you’ll be unable to withdraw anything from this balance. Two important factors to keep in mind when dealing with wagering requirements are your initial deposit and the betting site’s Terms and Conditions.

Initial Deposit

Virtually every major type of casino wagering requirement out there today is directly tied to your initial deposit. When you’re not with a tiered bonus wagering requirement structure, the outline is essentially simple to follow. As an example, assume you find an online betting platform that promises a staggering 100% bonus. You go ahead, sign on and make a deposit of 50RM so you can get in on the action. If the site in question operates a wagering requirement of 25 times, you will have to bet the initial value of your deposit (50RM) a minimum of 25 times over before you’ll be allowed to withdraw the winnings from your bonus! Until you have fulfilled this requirement by betting 1,250MYR in total, your account’s bonus balance will remain inaccessible to you, which brings us to another important aspect.

Terms And Conditions

Every betting site lets bettors know what their casino wagering requirements are in clear terms. However, this information is usually tucked away in their Terms and Conditions section. This means that you have to click on the Terms and Conditions link located around the bonus before you can see it. While this might seem like a hassle, you must take the time to do it. It lets you know what you’re getting into and if you can work with that.

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Can You Avoid Wagering Requirements?

To an extent, yes, you can. Since they are directly attached to your deposit, if you make a small deposit from the start, it’ll be easier for you to fulfill any casino wagering requirements that you might ask. Alternatively, you can choose to avoid these altogether and actively seek out betting sites that offer a free-spins-no-wagering feature. But keep in mind, these platforms will often restrict what actions you can take and the maximum payout you can get. For more information on casino wagering requirements, make sure you don’t miss our next post! Happy betting!