Ultimate Guide On Asian Handicap In Football Betting
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Asian Handicap In Football Betting

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The difference between a professional bettor and a casual punter in football betting is that a professional is always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to improve their sports betting experience and results. Such a critical mindset is crucial for professionals because the stakes are real and very high with them. If you’re a punter looking to step up your football betting game, knowing about Asian handicap and how it works is information you want to learn. The first thing you need to note is that Asian handicap betting is profoundly different from traditional sports betting because it operates without one critical element found in the latter; the drawn game option. What this means, in essence, is that when a punter bets in Asian handicap betting, there can be only one of two outcomes. Either the game ends in a win or loss. There is no draw or tie option here. Depending on how you place your bets, it is even possible for you to collect your stakes back, should a game end in a tie.


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How Does Asian Handicap Work In Football Betting?

In truth, this style of betting can be remarkably complex when played at its peak. However, it remains a crowd-favorite because of how the system operates and the resulting benefits it offers punters. It differs significantly from other betting styles because it places the two competing teams in any match on a level and equal footing. Asian handicap betting usually does this by establishing one team as the underdog and the other as the crowd favorite in the clash. The competition is then leveled out for betting by the underdog being given a winning edge in the match in virtual goals.

For example, if Manchester City is to take on Watford in a Premier League game at the Etihad Stadium, every indicator will point to Man City being the favorites and Watford, the underdogs. When using Asian handicap football betting, Watford can be given a virtual goal advantage of a 1.0 goal over Man City. This essentially means that even before the game has started, your Asian handicap bookie will read that Watford has one goal over Man City. Should the actual match then take place and end with no goals being scored, you win the bet and walk away with your winnings in the Asian handicap market because even though Man City drew the match, the virtual goal given by Watford counts for you and ensures your win!

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Available Asian Handicap Betting Styles

While this kind of football betting is admittedly complex, you don’t have to start practicing it at the highest level straight away. There are a few types of Asian handicap betting styles you can try to better acquaint yourself with the system.

1. The Level Style

It is more commonly implemented when there is no discernable difference in the capabilities and performance levels of the two teams playing. Here, you simply bet on the overall winner of the match, and if it ends in a tie, you get your stake returned to you.

2. The Single Style

The second type style is the prevalent Asian handicap football betting technique of choice when two significantly dissimilar teams in strength and skill are on the field. You give the underdog a virtual goal edge of your choosing. It can be anywhere from -0.5 to -2.0 or even higher.

3. The Split Style

This is the betting tactic most professionals in the Asian handicap betting market favor when the big names in Football play against each other. Since these teams are essentially even in terms of strength, punters split their stake here. It is done by combining the calculations of two Asian handicap permutations on the same stake.

In conclusion, learning the machinations of Asian handicap football betting is challenging, but there’s no doubt that it’s worth the effort in the long run.