Ultimate Guide On Three-Way Or 1x2 In Football Betting
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Three-Way Or 1×2 In Football Betting

Three-Way Or 1x2 In Football Betting Blog Featured ImageThree-Way Or 1x2 In Football Betting Blog

There are many betting markets out there, with new ones springing up every other day. However, very few are as simple to apply and as profitable as three-way betting. More commonly referred to as 1×2 betting, the potential for profit here is vast. Due to how easy it is to implement, even beginners can get in on the action with minimal effort!


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What Is Three-way Betting Or 1×2 Football Betting?

The best way to describe this football betting market is in the name itself. “1×2” actually represents all the possible outcomes of this particular betting style. In a nutshell:

  • 1 is used to represent the chance of the home team landing a win,
  • X is used to describe the chance of the game ending in a draw,
  • 2 is used to represent the chance of the team winning away from home.

Even though this football betting market is easy to grasp, you have to do your due diligence to gather information and analyze various team statistics if you want to achieve the best results. One thing that always helps in this department has a guide to follow to help you ensure that you dot your “i’s” and cross your “t’s.” To that end, here are five tested and trusted tips you can follow to help you ensure that you make the most of three-way or 1×2 football betting.

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Know What Odds You’re Dealing With

For any punter, knowing what odds you’re dealing with should be a given. By understanding the value of your odds, you can better assess what you stand to profit should you place a certain stake. You can do this easily through one of two ways; checking out the information from bookmakers or using an odds converter to calculate the game’s odds.

Compile Data on Team Form

  • How has the team been performing in recent games?
  • Have there been any injuries?
  • How often have they been scoring in home games and away games?
  • What’s morale like?

Essentially, doing your market research is also essential because it helps you get a clear insight into what you should expect from the team you want to stake on. The easiest way to gather this information would be to watch as many of their matches as you possibly can.
Alternatively, getting this data from game analysis works fine too. However, one benefit of the three-way betting strategy here is that you don’t have to get too wrapped up in team information to make good calls with your stake. Just be sure you have a good idea of what shape the team is in.

Avoid Making Emotional Decisions

It happens far more often than we like, but in a passionate game like football betting, it is inevitable in many ways. Punters who are a fan of the football game tend to let their emotions cloud their judgment. Avoid betting on the team you want to win. Try to make your predictions objective and free of prejudice if you want to efficiently use the three-way betting market.

Use Accumulators With Consistency

Objectivity is again very important here. Ensure that your line of reasoning is sound and backed up with sufficient data. If you’re gambling that a team will do poorly in one match and thrash their opponents in the next or vice versa, make sure that you have good reasons for making such assumptions and predictions.

Always Consider The Possibility Of A Draw

The possibility of any game ending in a draw isn’t always given a careful consideration that it merits. Yet, it is as likely an outcome as winning or losing in football betting in many ways. Evaluate all data you can gather critically, then consider and account for the possibility of a tie. By following these pointers, you’ll be well on your way to a very profitable experience in 1×2 betting markets!