Ultimate Guide On Total Goals In Football Betting
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Total Goals In Football Betting

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Many punters regard it as a slight drawback in football betting because it can only end in one of three outcomes; a win, lose, or a tie. In this sense, betting options appear vastly limited. Total goals betting is one of the many aspects of football betting that improves on this perceived failure. With total goals betting, what team wins or loses the match is secondary; your objective is the number and, in some cases, the timing of the goals in each game. Total goals in football betting aren’t precisely a new betting market development. It has been around for quite some time. Sadly, many punters cannot fully benefit from this avenue because they don’t fully understand what it entails or place their bets for the wrong reasons. This extensive guide will highlight relevant aspects of total goals betting and helping bettors determine how to use it to their advantage.

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Total goals betting must never be done randomly. You should always ensure that you’ve done your market research and the logic behind the placement of your bet is sound and justifiable. Only then can you use any one of the various types of total goals strategies out there to place your stake.


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Types Of Total Goals Wager And How They Work

As you would expect, you can leverage various types of comprehensive goal wagering strategies in football betting. Which system you choose will ultimately depend on the nature of the match to be played and your personal preferences.

The Over/Under Total Goals Wager

This is by far the most popular total goals wager you can place in football betting. The reason for this popularity is the remarkable simplicity of the system. It involves establishing a benchmark for a particular match and betting that the total number of goals scored by the time that event is over exceeds (over) or is below (under) the value you stated. The most common benchmark set here is usually 2.5. Your stake either wins, or it doesn’t because, with a bet value of 2.5, it is highly improbable that any football match will end with that exact number of goals. To make the most of this football betting strategy, you must deal with a bookie that offers an extensive range of total goals to bet, giving you a wider latitude to work with and increases your chances of winning.

The Number Of Goals Bracket Wager

While not as popular as over/under wagers, it still sees a lot of use by punters. All you have to do here is make a bet on the exact range of goals you expect to be scored by the time the match comes to an end.

The Exact Number Of Goals Wager

Like the above, it only differs in the sense that you wager on the exact number of goals you expect to be scored during the match rather than bet on a goal range.

The Total Goals By Team Wager

This is a one-sided wager. You focus on one team and bet on the total number of goals you expect them to score in the match. The number of goals their opponent scores doesn’t matter in this case.

The Total Goals Scored By Half-Time Wager

This system focuses on the total number of goals scored by both teams in one specific half of the match and doesn’t consider the final scoreline at the end of the match.

In conclusion, be sure to do your due diligence before placing any bets here. Do the best you can to consistently balance your stakes. When unsure, hold on to your bet and look for more definitive matches to bet on, and you’ll do just fine.