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Although Alexander Isak’s importance in the Swedish lineup come UEFA Euro 2020 was undoubted, his relevance in the team has been even further increased because of the much-anticipated return of the colossus that is Zlatan Ibrahimovic to the national side won’t be happening anymore. Ruled out of the UEFA Euro 2020 games, no thanks to an unfortunate 3-week injury he picked up playing against Juventus, the veteran player has left a gaping hole in Sweden’s lineup that they will be hoping Alexander Isak can fill. However, while still very young, the outstanding performance of the Real Sociedad striker currently means that Sweden doesn’t have to worry too much. Constantly referred to as the heir-apparent of Zlatan, Alexander Isak has lived up to all the high expectations demanded of him so far. Supplying the White and Blues with a total of 16 goals and two assists, his efforts have been influential in helping the club reach the fifth position they currently hold on the La Liga table. As someone who knows how to deliver consistent performance, he will be looking to make the UEFA Euro 2020 games his place to shine brighter than ever.


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The Rise of the Swede Wonder Kid – Alexander Isak

Alexander Isak was born and lived most of his early life in Stockholm County, Sweden. However, it was clear from an early age that football ran deep in his veins as he aced every tryout and was in the region’s most prominent youth team, AIK, when he was only six years old. As he developed himself further, his compatibility with the sport grew, and he cultivated a knack for handling pressure and delivering results expertly. He found his way to the first team when a debut opportunity presented itself when he was 17. Walking into the pitch as a substitute, he still managed to find the back of the net in the limited time left.

It would open his way to Germany, where he linked up with Borussia Dortmund. Alexander Isak took this change in an environment very well, managing to seal a DFB Pokal Cup win with his new team in only his first season. To promote his growth and improve his experience, he was loaned to the Eredivisie team Willem II. It was an excellent move for him as he perfected his goal-scoring art, becoming the first foreign player to net 12 goals in his first 12 appearances. He finished that season on a high note, appearing 16 times with a goal contribution of 7 assists and 13 goals.

Alexander Isak Life In Real Sociedad

This budding striker sent a signal to the world that he was ready for the big leagues in La Real. The Swede showed that he could be trusted with a higher goal-per-minute ratio and picked up the slack when the club decided to sell William Jose. His importance to the club has only grown as he picked up his first trophy with the club after their 1 – Nil win over Athletic Bilbao.

Alexander Isak Impact In Sweden UEFA Euro 2020

Under Borek Dockal, this tactically brilliant footballer can prove to be a powerful force to reckon with in the country’s frontline this time around. Having appeared 20 times at the national level so far, what partnership he forms, if any, with Dejan Kulusevski and Jordan Larsson might significantly alter the results we will see Sweden present. Suppose he can manage a successful outing here. In that case, his already robust portfolio will increase even more, giving him the necessary foothold he needs to take his career to the next level.