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Coming nearly a full year after it was originally slated to hold, things are finally beginning to heat up with UEFA Euro 2020. Fans can finally expect to see the long-awaited tournament as titans clash on the football field for the sake of country and glory. The latest UEFA Euro 2020 news indicates now that the tournament will commence on the 11th of June 2021 and end on the 11th of July, barring any unexpected circumstances.

24 football teams will play in 51 matches at predetermined locations in 11 Euro stadiums in 11 different countries. The 24 teams have been duly divided into six groups of four international teams each. Due to the severity of the pandemic, it remains to be seen just how many fans will be allowed to be physically present in stadiums for each UEFA Euro 2020 match. This has been a serious concern as initially 12 countries were supposed to host the games, however, as one was unable to ensure the safe presence of fans, only 11 countries ended up being used for this tournament.

UEFA Euro 2020 News On Squad Number

As every action has to be taken with the continued presence of the ongoing pandemic in mind, the number of players each squad is entitled to have also been reviewed. Even though the number of players that will appear on each team sheet for a particular match will firmly remain 23, national coaches have made allowance to increase the number of their squad to 26. The aim of this is to put less demand on the stamina of the players as most of them have had to endure the rigor of the compressed season in various leagues. Yet another reason for the increase in the number of the squad is to give the coaches more wriggle room in the event that the undesirable happens and some players are unable to play due to the pandemic. We’ve also learned that the number of substitutes allowed for the matches has been revised upwards to 5.

Info On The Most Competitive Group To Watch

No matter how you spin it, this tournament is sure to be a blockbuster and it is certain to be filled with more than its fair share of chills and thrills. That being said, there are places fans can focus more exclusively on if they want to get some of what we predict will be the very best action in UEFA Euro 2020. Some of the worlds’ finest will be facing off in Group F according to the latest UEFA Euro 2020 news gathered. This group features big teams like France, Portugal, Germany, and Hungary, all of which happen to be in excellent form from all indications. Many pundits will opine that no group has had a competition on a level this fierce since Euro 1992. This all but guarantees us a pleasant and exhilarating performance.

Will Stadiums Be Packed Full For UEFA Euro 2020?

Sadly, this will largely depend on which stadium a particular match will be playing. As the health and safety of the fans fall squarely in the hands of the host countries, they will work in line with the resources at their disposal. For this reason, stadiums like Amsterdam, Rome, and Glasgow will all be packing less than 40% of their normal capacity while Budapest may very likely have a full house.

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