Welcoming 21/2022 English Premier League – Opening Match

21/2022 English Premier League – Opening Match

21/2022 English Premier League – Opening Match Blog Featured Image21/2022 English Premier League – Opening Match Blog

The English Premier League is arguably one of the primary reasons why the beautiful game of football is so well-known and loved worldwide today. Ever since it was created in 1992, it has only continued to gain fame and momentum. As the much-acclaimed Euro 2020 tournament has now come and gone, the English Premier League is one of the top competitions that football lovers can look forward to enjoying in the months to come. The English Premier League fixtures for the new 2021-2022 season were officially announced recently. With it, we know that there’s a lot of action to be had shortly. Before that, here are a few things that we can expect from the 21/2022 English Premier League season.

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Fans Will be Returning Fully To English Premier League Stadiums

In light of the effects of the pandemic, stadiums were left mostly desolate and absent of fans. It was majorly an attempt to curtail the spread of the pandemic. However, football fans can expect to see significant changes in this area from the 19th of July. All data point to the fact that the measures employed by various quarters to curtail the spread of the pandemic proved successful. As such, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, officially declared on Monday, 5th of July, that the country would move to the fourth step of its established roadmap of recovery. What this translates to now is that stadiums will be filled when the new season officially starts! In the past, outdoor events like the English Premier League were strictly limited to a capacity of only 10,000 at the maximum. However, with the new developments, it is now certain that all stadiums can now go back to filling their trenches like before.

21/2022 English Premier League Opening Matches

The new season is off to a heated start as Brentford will be facing the Gunners on the 13th of August. As expected, Brentford will be hoping to catch Mikel Arteta’s side asleep and make early headway in the league. While a lot of the big names in Arsenal like Alexandre Lacazette, David Luiz, and Hector Bellerin may very well bid the club farewell, this doesn’t improve Brentford’s chances by much. Arsenal is looking to boost their squad with a host of defenders and strikers this transfer window. The 14th of August will see Manchester United face Leeds United as Burnley faces Brighton & Hove Albion. Everton faces Southampton, Chelsea faces Crystal Palace, Watford faces Aston Villa, Leicester City faces Wolverhampton Wanderers, and Norwich City challenges Liverpool. Match Day One finally ends with Newcastle United meeting West Ham United and Tottenham Hotspur facing last season’s winners, Manchester City, on the 15th of August.


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What To Expect

The 21/2022 English Premier League season will be a different and exciting one for a lot of reasons. Setting aside the unique way that the returning presence of supporters will influence matches now, there is also the fact that some great signings are coming to the league this season. It all serves as reassurance that English Premier League is still a competition worth watching. It’ll also ensure that the stakes only get higher for each match. To be sure that you have everything you need for the coming season, click here.

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