English Premier League 20/2021 Winner Manchester City

English Premier League Winner Manchester City

English Premier League Winner Manchester City Blog Featured ImageEnglish Premier League Winner Manchester City Blog

If their performance in recent seasons is anything to judge by, one can say that no matter how high the bar is for Manchester City, they always find a way to meet and exceed expectations. For the third time in four straight seasons, they yet again claimed the most coveted domestic title in all of England for themselves. They won the English Premier League in the 17-2018 season and repeated that success in the season after. Liverpool claimed the title for themselves in the 19-2020 season only for the glory to return to the Etihad in the just-concluded season. As football lovers likely already know, it isn’t easy to achieve such feats with such remarkable consistency, especially when you’re playing in a niche as old and fierce as the English Premier League. Yet, Manchester City seems to be able to take the glory almost at will. As the 2021-2022 season looms, let’s take a quick look at this dominant club, the various factors that ensured their success, and what to expect from them in the new season.

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Why Is Manchester City So Successful?

Just like the old saying goes, “The whole is the sum of its parts.” Man City remains the formidable foe they are because of the outstanding components that make up the team. While the entire squad is essential, here are a few individuals whose influence largely shapes the form and performance of the group.

Manchester City Pep Guardiola

When an experienced and skilled voice is at the helm of affairs, it is only natural that you see impressive results—Pep Guardiola numbers among one of the most successful manager in Europe and the world today. Unlike many, he doesn’t rest on past laurels and constantly pushes himself and his team for more. When Vincent Kompany and David Silva left Manchester City, there were many talks that the club would start to decline. However, prudent and timely decisions on the part of this coach ensured that those predictions didn’t come true. He remains pivotal to the success of this team.

Manchester City Ruben Dias And John Stones

With the unexpected injuries that players like Aguero and DeBruyne suffered at inopportune times, it was more important than ever that the club reduced the way it conceded goals. The partnership that Ruben Dias and John Stones formed at the back saw to this efficiently. Ruben Dias was especially exemplary as his presence was as keenly felt as his absence. More goals were conceded when this wall was not on the pitch. His influence was so prominent that the team was able to keep 19 clean sheets in the just-concluded season. There is no doubt. It was integral to them ultimately claiming the league title.

Manchester City Ilkay Gundogan And Kevin De Bruyne

Manchester City has the skill and fortitude that this duo brings to their play on the pitch to thank for how far they made it this season. Gundogan had big shoes to fill suddenly during the season, and he amply stepped up his game, rewarding his coach’s faith to the fullest. Second to none in the midfield, the Belgian De Bruyne proved an indispensable asset in the just-concluded season. Consistency is a feat that is hard to manage, yet he delivered it every time he stepped on the pitch.

What To Expect From Manchester City In The 21-2022 Season

The entire team is constantly driven to outdo themselves. That’s how the team has made this far, and it is what will ensure that it is a strong contender, not just for the league title but also the UEFA Champions League, which they lost to Chelsea last season. Anyone who expects great things from this team isn’t likely to be disappointed. To keep up with Man City news throughout the new season, be sure to click here!

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