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Double Chance Betting Guide

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Double Chance betting is, in many ways, one of the most controversial betting markets in football betting today. Primarily arising out of a need for diversity from the traditional win, lose or draw match event options, Double Chance betting involves many more than many bettors are aware of.

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Double Chance Betting – What Every Punter Should Know

Typically, in any traditional football betting scenario, a bettor only has the conventional 1×2 betting option to wager on. You can either wager on a Home team win, tie, or an Away team win. The chance of any of these options being the outcome of a match stands at 1/3, all things being equal. Double Chance betting corrects that. Rather than giving punters only one of three options, it helps them bet on two outcomes, effectively doubling their chance of winning that wager, hence the name Double Chance Betting.

As an example, assume that Liverpool and Crystal Palace have a game coming up. By using Double Chance in football betting, you can pick Liverpool to win or draw. The only circumstance under which you lose that wager is if Crystal Palace ends up winning that game. It is worth mentioning that this perk that Double Chance betting affords punters is directly tied to odds. Continuing with the example above, if Liverpool is the Home team and you pick them to win or draw, here is what you can expect.

  • If Liverpool wins the match, you’re unlikely to win much from the wager because the chances of their winning will be very high, as the Home team.
  • If Liverpool draws the match, you’ll still not win much.
  • If Liverpool loses, you won’t get anything.

However, if you picked Crystal Palace to win or draw, what you stand to win will be significantly more because they’re the underdogs in this scenario.

Is Double Chance in Football Betting the Same as Draw No Bet?

Many punters often use the two terms interchangeably. In truth, these two betting markets have quite a lot in common. For instance, similar to Double Chance betting, only one outcome will result in the loss of your wager with Draw No Bet. However, these systems diverge from here, as Double Chance betting offers a higher level of flexibility and guarantees you a return for more outcomes.

Is Double Chance Betting Right For You?

Whether this is a clever play for you largely depends on various factors, most notable of which is whether the odds available offer any real betting value and how much risk you want to take on each game. That being said, here are some pros and cons of Double Chance in football betting to consider before making your decision.

Advantages Of Double Chance Betting

Entering any game with a 2/3 chance of winning ensures that if you’re patient enough, you’re sure to see your bankroll rise, given time. As far as betting markets go, this is one of the safest that assures you a decent profit. Another major benefit of this is that it works perfectly with accumulators, meaning that you can leverage this to win even more at less risk.

Disadvantages Of Double Chance Betting

The drawback here is that the low risk it provides also results in low rewards. Many punters aren’t always comfortable with this as they know that there are better payouts to be had. One other problem this football betting market faces is that it takes considerably more effort to correctly calculate and account for all necessary influencing factors for your wager due to the higher number of outcomes it covers. In conclusion, even though it’s potentially riskier, punters tend to get more value when they wager on an Underdog win or draw event outcome in this football betting market. To smooth the rough edges that come with Double Chance betting, you can use Asian Handicap to complement your gameplay, as it will surely increase the value of your bet.

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