Can You Make Money Betting Over 0.5 Goals In Soccer?
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Make Money Betting Over 0.5 Goals In Soccer

Make Money Betting Over 0.5 Goals In Soccer blog featured imageMake Money Betting Over 0.5 Goals In Soccer blog

Proactive bettors tend to be more successful because they never miss a chance to get ahead of the crowd and discover great opportunities. One such opportunity is the Over 0.5 Goals betting market. So, here, we’ll be looking at this betting market to find out what it offers and the possible drawbacks of leveraging this particular market.

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Over 0.5 Goals Betting Market – What It Is And How It Works

It is simply a betting market scoring where you win in any event. It is referred to as “0.5” goals because it is impossible to achieve half a goal. As such, the benchmark for winning is clear. This betting style doesn’t matter which team scores the goal and how. So far, the scoreboard reads that a player has found the net; you win any wager you place. Due to this, the only premise is you lose the wager if the scoreline ends in a 0-0 tie.

Is Betting Over 0.5 Goals Profitable?

This market is highly profitable. It has one of the highest chances of success that you’re likely to find out there. It is more so the case when you’re betting in European soccer leagues or tournaments. The reason for this is because only 10% of games in these leagues end goalless. So when you bet 0.5 consistently in the EPL, for example, you can rest assured that a high proportion of your wagers will come through. This betting market is also advantageous for another reason. It doesn’t let you worry about the outcome of a match or even who scores what. You can place your bet and enjoy, knowing that at some point, one player is very likely to find the net and make your day. Over 0.5 goals betting lets you enjoy watching football while you win.

Are There Any Downsides To Backing Over 0.5 Goals?

Using this betting market does come with its disadvantages. The first and most important is that many bookmakers don’t offer high odds because of the high rate of success it provides. By extension, even when you do win, you’re not very likely to win much. The second disadvantage to playing it is that while the chances are low, you may bet on a game that’ll end goalless. It means that you can wait until the final whistle is blown and still get nothing out of an encounter.

Is Betting In This Market Worth it?

It will entirely depend on your motives and standing as a bettor. If you’re still new to the game and learning a thing or two, the simplicity that Over 0.5 goals affords you is indispensable. It also doesn’t hurt that you’ll be making some money along the way for sure. However, if you’re a professional and you’re looking to score big, then this is certainly not the market for you.

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